Bizarre lounge room detail in rental property a 'turn off' for tenants

The real estate agent told Yahoo News they often get calls asking about the strange feature which appears to be a shower in the middle of the living area.

A bizarre detail in a Queensland rental property has been questioned by hopeful tenants who, after noticing the strange addition, were left more than a little confused.

When entering the four-bedroom Kirwan home in Townsville, listed for $480 a week, potential residents are presented with a huge glass box mysteriously set up in the centre of the tiled living room.

McGrath real estate principal Kaye Matheson who's listed the property, said it's the first time she has encountered such a feature in her 30 years of working in real estate, and admits it does confuse people who phone her to question about the peculiar detail in the listing.

"They want to view the property but say they have one question, and the question is always the same — they say, 'Is that a shower in the middle of the lounge room?'," Kaye told Yahoo News Australia.

Townsville rental property.
Would-be tenants are confused by the strange glass structure inside the Townsville rental property. Source:

While the hard-to-miss rectangular box does resemble a glass shower cubicle, Kaye revealed it's actually a greenhouse.

"It's a place to put your plants, and it's got a skylight above it," she explained. "It's very interesting," she added.

Strange greenhouse a 'turn off' for tenants

Jedda Partridge, office administrator at McGrath in Townsville, said it's "quite a bit of a turnoff" for prospective tenants.

"I've had multiple viewings there and everyone seems to think it's odd and [they don't] really want the house," she told Yahoo.

Townsville rental property.
The four-bedroom house is available for $480 a week. Source:

But Ms Matheson said the property is "pretty run of the mill" with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car accommodation which is "very desirable" in Townsville.

She also said the house "ticks all the boxes" for a rental property in the area. However, the new renters will obviously have to put up with a giant "glass plant holder" in the middle of the living space.

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