'This is ridiculous': Detail in $350 rental sparks outrage

Some questioned how the rental listing could 'possibly be rented to another human'.

An advertised rental listing has been called out as "disgraceful" for its lack of an essential feature.

Listed as an unfurnished 1 bedroom and bathroom granny flat in the Brisbane suburb of Upper Mt Gravatt, one person hypothesised whether the renter would be expected to cook outside in the BBQ area.

"How is this not illegal?" they asked on the Don't Rent Me Facebook group. "That BBQ area outside? That's your kitchen! Yes, I know it's only $350 a week but it wasn't that long ago that would get you a fully functional house for that price."

A photo of the outdoor barbecue area at the Brisbane rental.
The brick BBQ outside the rental property looks to be the only proper area to cook food. Source: Realestate.com.au

While the downstairs granny flat with a private entrance features a kitchenette in the narrow living and dining area, what has angered many is there doesn't appear to be infrastructure for a stove or oven or even "power points" next to it.

"That is the poorest excuse for a kitchenette," one person commented. "If it doesn't have an appliance to cook on, or cupboards to hold crockery, cutlery, pots and food, or space to have a fridge, then it's not a f***ing kitchen!" another said.

A photo of the small kitchenette inside the rental.
The dining and living area has a small kitchenette which people are saying is not adequate enough. Source: Realestate.com.au

"Um…what if it’s raining?! Surely this is illegal," a third wrote. Others also took to calling out photos of other areas of the flat as "totally unacceptable" and "intentionally misleading".

"Also just noticed the photo of the bathroom in the advertisement for the granny flat rental is actually the main bathroom in the actual house, not the laundry/shower included in the flat rental," one person said.

"Omg this is incredibly disgraceful! How could anyone possibly rent this to another human?" another wrote.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to the real estate company for comment. The property is no longer advertised.

The floor plan of the listing.
The flat's floor plan, with the greyed out areas appearing to be a three-bedroom residency upstairs. Source: Realestate.com.au

Australian housing standards lagging behind

A new study has found a large majority of Australian rental properties are actually putting people's health and wellbeing at risk due to poor regulation of housing standards.

"People who are renting a home have a right to expect that their housing is fit for living. But when we are continually seeing reports of mould, disrepair, and other awful conditions, we know that something is wrong," says University of South Australia Enterprise Fellow and Associate Professor in Architecture, Dr Lyrian Daniel.

While all rentals in the UK and New Zealand have "formalised standards" to meet housing conditions, "Australia has no such legislation".

"This leaves many people with no option but to endure poor living conditions such as houses that are cold, damp, or mouldy," he added. In Queensland, minimum housing standards for new tenancies will come into affect from September 1, and for all rentals from September 1, 2024.

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