$300 'pantry room' in Sydney apartment sparks uproar

The small space is the latest questionable accomodation being advertised to renters.

Another day, another ridiculous rental advertisement.

The latest 'space' dressed up and displayed on the internet as a viable accomodation option comes to us from the heart of Sydney, where it appears a single bed has been placed inside a "pantry room".

The 'pantry room' can be seen with a single bed squashed into the space, with fluorescent pink lights hanging overhead beside a dark staircase outside.
The 'pantry room' has been advertised online for a tenant to rent for $300 per week. Source: Reddit/sam14141414

The picture was shared on Reddit on Tuesday, with the poster claiming they had made contact with the individual behind the listing.

"I have clarified with the person who posted this ad," the user wrote. "It is $300/week to sleep in a CBD apartment pantry room."

The picture shows a small pantry cupboard at the foot of stairs, allegedly inside a central city penthouse that boasts a number of amenities, including a gym, pool, sauna. A car park space is also available for a further $60 per week, according to the Reddit user.

Black text can be seen on a white background, listing the amenities the tenant would be entitled to use. These include a gym, pool, spa, sauna, table tennis and pool table.
The list of amenities the tenant would reportedly have available to them as a resident of the central Sydney apartment. Source: Supplied

Living quarters compared to Harry Potter's cupboard

People on the internet were quick to draw comparisons between the Sydney space and the bedroom of the beloved fictional character Harry Potter, quickly finding humour in the situation.

"Even Harry Potter had a better room than this and he was living rent free," one wrote, with others commenting it was simply a "cozy" rental offering.

"At this point in the rental crisis I shouldn’t be surprised, but wow what a scam!" another user wrote, with another questioning "how on earth is this legal?" with the room not appearing to have a window.

The Building Code of Australia states for a room to be "habitable" it requires the space to have at least 10 per cent of the floor area to be exposed to natural light. Light may be "borrowed" from an adjoining room, however, with no window in sight and the "pantry room" in the picture surrounded by a dark hall, it could be argued the space does not meet the standard.

"I think the eternity I spend in a coffin will be time enough to enjoy these sorts of conditions," one wrote.

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