Bizarre item selling out at Woolworths after zero cases in Victoria

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It seems as though one item is selling out across supermarkets in Victoria to celebrate the state confirming zero new Covid cases for the first time since June.

People are sharing photos of donuts they’ve bought to celebrate on social media, with many dubbing October 26 ‘Donut Day’, while others are posting photos from supermarkets, including a Woolworths store, where the sweet treats have completely sold out.

“Celebrating #DonutDay in Victoria (apparently like everyone else - got the last one at the local 7/11),” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Everyone in Melbourne’s had the same idea! Sold out donuts!” Sally Rugg wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of the empty Woolworths donut display.

Luckily, Ms Rugg did manage to nab two donuts and shared a photo of them to Twitter.

“So much work. So much loss. So much sacrifice. I’m so proud of us, Melbourne,” Ms Rugg tweeted.

Someone else shared a picture of their donut saying picking one up seemed like the “responsible” thing to do.

Police join in Donut Day celebrations

Even Victoria Police got involved with Donut Day, taking to social media to congratulate Victoria.

“Donuts. Zip. Zilch. Nil. ZERO!” Victoria Police tweeted.

“Well done, Victoria. Yesterday there were no new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and no lost lives reported. This is an amazing achievement for which we say THANK YOU on behalf of all essential, health and emergency workers. Keep it up!”

The police also shared a photo which said: “It’s true. Police love donuts” along with their post.

Some were calling for Donut Day to be recognised as a public holiday in Victoria.

Virologist Dr Ian Mackay also rejoiced and shared a graph which highlighted how Victoria has managed the second wave of Covid.

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria also congratulated the state and recognised Donut Day.

“Congratulations Victoria! You've done an outstanding job and have shown the world what Victoria and community is all about,” Neighbourhood Watch Victoria tweeted.

“Keep up the great work.”

Meanwhile, some are speculating Premier Daniel Andrews will mark the occasion by wearing his North Face jacket to celebrate the incredible achievement.

“I think it will be a North Face day today! Well done Victoria,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Coles confirms an ‘unexpected spike in demand’ for donuts

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, a Coles spokesperson confirmed while the supermarket has not seen a shortage of donuts, there has been an “unexpected spike in demand”.

“We are experiencing an unexpected spike in demand for donuts in Coles stores following the pleasing Victorian Covid-19 test results announced this morning,” the Coles spokesperson said.

“Thankfully most of our Melbourne stores have a donut machine in the bakery, and we will increase production throughout the day to help us continue to serve up our delicious iced, cinnamon and jam donuts made fresh in Coles supermarkets.”

Another person said on Twitter they hoped Mr Andrews would rock up to the press conference with a slab of VB in his North Face jacket.

Monday was the first day since June 9 that Victoria recorded zero new cases and zero Covid deaths.

The news came after Mr Andrew put off announcing an easing of restrictions on Sunday in order to assess if the outbreak in Melbourne’s northern suburbs was under control.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Woolworths for comment.

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