Biker discovers huge snake hiding under seat

A massive python has hitched a ride in a motorcycle, much to the rider's surprise.

This is the spine-tingling moment a motorcycle rider found he'd been sitting just centimetres away from a huge snake curled up underneath his seat.

The images, snapped in the Malaysian state of Malacca, show how the python had been coiled beneath the seat for a quiet snooze as he rode through traffic.

The biker - named in local media as Wan Muhammad Firdaus Latip - said he had noticed his bike was running rough and stopped at a garage to take a look.

Snake in motorcycle compartment
The snake had hitched a ride in a compartment beneath the motorcycle rider's seat. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

As he lifted the seat he saw the python but he calmly put the seat back down and filled up with petrol before asking the service station staff for a bag and some tongs. Mr Latip told local media he then captured the snake and returned it to the wild.

Malaysia is home to some of the most deadly snakes in the world, including the king cobra and the Malaysian pit viper. "I'm lucky that it's a python. If it were other types of snakes, I'd have scrammed from there. Scary," Mr Latip said.

Aussie's snake surprise

Snakes are also known to hide in unexpected places around Australia, with a NSW woman coming face-to-face with a deadly snake while getting ready to leave her home earlier this month.

Snake in Aussie woman's shoe
A NSW woman found a red-bellied black snake in her running shoe just a few weeks ago. Source: Facebook/Snake Identification Australia

The woman shared photos of the "surprising" find in her running shoe in the Central Coast suburb of Jilliby. "I bent down to pick up my shoes and was surprised by this fella," she wrote in a Facebook post.

"We had a red belly in the same spot (front door step) last week. Perhaps he didn't go? The weather has been cooler so I was quite surprised to see this one fairly active. They did choose the black shoes!"

Slithering inside a shoe is one of the most common ways a snake can get into a home, along with doors and pet doors, Melbourne snake catcher Mark Pelley said at the time.

- Newsflash/Australscope

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