Big W shopper spots major Easter egg blunder prompting store to act

Many customers agreed it would be 'very easy' to pick up the item by mistake.

With easter fast approaching, Aussies are no doubt on the hunt for the best chocolate buys, but a trip to Big W almost ended in disaster for one woman who nearly bought a festive dog treat instead.

The Big W shopper was in her local store in Mudgee, NSW with her teenage kids who'd been eyeing out the Easter eggs display when they jokingly suggested she buy them the chocolate bunny twin pack on the shelf above some popular Cadbury treats.

"It took me a while to get it," she posted on Facebook alongside photos of the Pooch Treats Easter Bunny item admitting it was on the aisle with all the other Easter treats so had no reason to suspect something sinister.

But soon enough she realised the carob and yoghurt treat was not for human consumption and was designed for animals only, perhaps mistakingly put on the wrong shelf by staff.

Big W easter chocolate display for humans and dogs.
The Pooch Treats dog chocolate was on display with the other Easter chocolate inside a Big W store. Source: Facebook

Aussies shocked by chocolate display: 'Why on earth?'

The revelation shocked some on social media who said "I can see someone buying these and not realising". "Why on earth would they put these with the normal chocolate," one hit out.

"So many people will make the mistake and buy them for their kids," one wrote on Facebook suggesting the Pooch Treats product should be moved to the pets section instead.

Alarmingly, some admitted they "couldn't see" the problem before it had been revealed, proof to some that people could easily mistake the product for human chocolate and mistakingly pick it up. Some however, thought it "makes sense" for the Easter chocolate for dogs to be "in the Easter allocated aisles" With one arguing, "it's not really their fault if people don’t pay attention to what they are buying".

Front of Big W store
The error occurred at a Big W store in Mudgee, NSW but has since been in rectified. Source: Getty

Big W admits to error and apologises for 'confusion'

A Big W spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia it was "an isolated incident" at one of their stores. "[The] Easter dog treats were placed on a display unit above Easter chocolate," they said in a statement.

"The store has since taken immediate action to relocate the dog treats to an appropriate display with other pet products. We apologise for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused."

The dog treat is made from yoghurt and carob which is a chocolate alternative that's safe for dogs. While carob can be consumed safely by humans, this product presumably has not been approved for human consumption as it does not meet the same health and safety standards.

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