Big W customer's outcry over 'ridiculous' $4000 shipping fee

The department store has responded after shoppers complained of higher than usual shipping costs.

A Big W customer got the shock of her life while trying to purchase an outdoor play set for her kids this week when she noticed a charge of over $4,000 for the item to be delivered.

The shopper, who lives in Singleton, NSW had added the $1,200 item to her cart while ordering online, but was forced to think twice after noticing the humungous shipping fee — and she wasn't the only one who copped a charge worth thousands.

According to Big W's website, the play set is sent via Plum Play, a "trusted partner", and not by Big W stores. Singleton in the Hunter Valley where the woman lives is considered a rural area, which was first thought to be the reason for the extortionate shipping costs.

Big W Plum Play Water Park Blaster Course
Delivery of the outdoor play set from Big W appeared as $4,466 online. Source: Facebook

Aussies confused over extortionate Big W delivery costs

The Aussie mum shared her outrage on Facebook, even swearing off the department store for the apparent money grab. "How in God's name can they charge $4,466 for delivery! Big W are slowly losing my vote!" she said.

Her revelation was met with anger from other shoppers who criticised the high fee. "That is fricken ridiculous!!!! No one would pay that," one said. "Jesus, are you ordering a few pallets of bricks? No way normal merchandise would cost that much to send," said another. Others questioned the weight of the items and her location.

Online order from Big W showing delivery costs.
Loads of Big W shoppers reported sky-high delivery costs on the same item. Source: Facebook

But scores of others admitted they too were getting "ridiculous" shipping costs on the same item after trying it for themselves.

"It jumped a few grand for a couple of ks for me," one said referencing their distance to the closest store. Standard delivery for the same item was showing as $7,858. Some reported fees of up to $50,000, but most were $7,000 to $10,000.

Big W confirms glitch was to blame for unexpected delivery costs

However, Big W confirmed to Yahoo News Australia an "error on the website" was to blame for the inaccurate delivery charges, which has now been corrected, as suggested by someone on Facebook. It's understood the correct delivery fee to the woman's home should have been about $100, which is determined by the supplier based on location, and also on the weight of the item.

Big W store front.
Big W admitted a website glitch was to blame. Source: Getty

In a statement to Yahoo on Wednesday, a spokesperson said: "We were made aware of a delivery calculation error on our website which has since been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused."

It's not the first time a website error has left shoppers gobsmacked. In 2020, a pricing blunder had some Aussies seeing red. The shipping fees were once again brought into question a few months later. But in both scenarios, a website glitch was to blame.

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