Big Brother cast spill on the Tully, Drew and Sam love triangle

Big Brother Royalty vs New Blood has been teasing a huge twist which finally hit our screens on Monday night: Anthony Drew and Tully Smyth have been reunited.

If that wasn’t explosive enough, Drew has already found himself a girlfriend in the house, intimacy coordinator Sam Monovoski. Yahoo Lifestyle spoke to housemates and host Sonia Kruger about this tricky situation.

Tully and Drew on the set of Big Brother 10 years ago.
Tully and Drew fell in love on Big Brother. Photo: Nine

Housemate Layla Subritzky reveals that the moment Tully found out about Drew and Sam’s relationship was just as tense as it looked on screen.

“So Tully’s on one end of the table, Sam is directly opposite. And I remember just looking at Tully, and then looking at Sam, and being like, this is too much drama about to commence, it was hectic.

"The energy in the room…you could have cut it with a knife,” she remembers.

Layla is sure that Tully doesn’t want Drew back, but that doesn’t change how strange the situation is. “The weird thing is knowing how to navigate being in the same room as your ex,” she starts.

“Whether it’s you want to be in love with the person or you just have a history, you can’t deny it.”


Drew and Sam kissing on the set of Big Brother.
Drew is already in a relationship with housemate Sam. Photo: Seven

The star adds that she sympathised with Tully, saying: “Poor Tully, I felt for her…it would have been confusing.”

Host Sonia Kruger confesses that she’s a little bit “obsessed” with the pair, after seeing the couple fall in love on Big Brother ten years ago. She warns that their relationship on the show is “a bit of a roller coaster”, noting that she thinks there’s something unfinished between the pair.

Housemate Mel Todd also chimes in about the love triangle, saying that the whole situation is “tricky”.

“My feelings go out to Tully, cause in that environment plus seeing that in your face all the time, it’s not ideal,” she muses.

Tully has her hands on her face, smiling, in a green dress.
Tully is shocked when she finds out that Drew already has a new girlfriend. Photo: Seven

Fans were obsessed with the drama, with one writing on social media: “If looks could kill between Sam and Tully.”

“My 25 year old self is screaming inside, I love this,” another says.

"Loving it! My favourite originals are back together again," a third adds.

Housemate Estelle Landy even joined in, exclaiming, “Imagine being stuck with your ex!”

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