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Biden doubles down on controversial Putin remarks: 'I DON'T CARE'

US President Joe Biden has doubled down on his remarks made about Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he was expressing "moral outrage", and makes no apologies.

Mr Biden told reporters he wasn't advocating for a regime change in Russia when he said Putin should be removed from power on Sunday (local time).

The US president said his comments reflected his own moral outrage, not an administration policy shift.

US President Joe Biden speaking at a podium into a microphone. Mr Biden went off script on Saturday during a speech in Poland saying Russian president Vladimir Putin should be removed from power.
US President Joe Biden went off script on Saturday during a speech in Poland, sparking controversy. Source: Reuters

"I wasn't then nor am I now articulating a policy change," he said.

"I was expressing moral outrage that I felt, and I make no apologies."

'Not walking back' on comment: Biden

Mr Biden said his unplanned comment —made at the end of a speech about Ukraine in Poland on Saturday (local time) — was a result of an emotional visit he had with families displaced by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

On Monday (local time), Biden said that he was "not walking anything back" by clarifying what he meant.

"I don’t care what he [Putin] thinks. ... He’s going to do what he’s going to do," he replied when asked whether the remark would invoke a negative response from Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin walking on stage before his annual address to the Federal Assembly in 2021 in Moscow, Russia.
Mr Biden didn't hold back during his address in Warsaw, Poland when talking about Vladimir Putin. Source: Getty

He said his speech on Saturday about Putin was intended for a Russian audience.

"I was communicating this to not only the Russian people, but the whole world," Mr Biden said.

"This is just stating a simple fact that this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable. Totally unacceptable."

'Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia': Biden

Mr Biden urged the world's democracies to confront Russia as a threat to global security and freedom in a speech delivered on Saturday, but added an unscripted line at the end saying Putin "cannot remain in power".

"A dictator bent on rebuilding an empire will never erase a people’s love for liberty. Brutality will never grind down their will to be free. Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia," he said.

"We will have a different future — a brighter future rooted in democracy and principle, hope and light, of decency and dignity, of freedom and possibilities.

"For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power."

After the controversial comments were made, administration officials quickly clarified that the White House was not advocating for regime change in Russia.

“In this case, as in any case, it is up to the people of the country in question, it is up to the Russian people," they said according to Reuters.

"But what we do have is a strategy to strongly support Ukraine. We've been doing that and rallying partners and allies around the world to do that."

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