Beachgoers stunned by 'quintessentially Aussie' detail on sign

The sign was spotted by swimmers at the beach in Western Australia over the Easter long weekend.

There's arguably no better way to enjoy the long weekend than to head to the beach and those participating in the country's favourite pastime at one location caught a "quintessential" Aussie view that wasn't just white sand and crystal clear waters.

On Saturday beachgoers walking past the safety sign detailing all the things swimmers need to be mindful of at Gnarabup Beach, situated on WA's southwest coast, had a chuckle at how progressively more stereotypical the warnings became, with the final being the presence of a large spider clinging beside the word 'sharks'.

One beachgoer captured a photo and shared it online, calling it "the most quintessentially Australian sign you're likely to see."

The most 'quintessentially Aussie' sign includes warnings such as 'strong rips' and 'sharks' (left). The sign was spotted at Gnarabup Beach in WA.
Online beachgoers called it the most 'quintessentially Aussie' sign at Gnarabup Beach. Source: Reddit and Google Maps

Beach warning sign enough to make tourists tremor

The first warning to swimmers was the 'strong rips' which can be generated at the beach, with rips being one of the greatest and most common hazards at Aussie beaches. They account for roughly 21 deaths each year according to SLS Beachsafe, with 'large waves' also noted on the sign.

Scrawled above the first official warning was also the word 'SNAKES', with it added a second time further down in the list for good measure. Sea snakes are found in WA waters as well as in the Northern Territory and Queensland and are all venomous. Beachgoers can also encounter snakes on the sand, with a Sydneysider bitten last month by a venomous black snake at Long Reef Beach.

'Slippery rocks', 'submerged rocks' and 'cliff risk area' were the next to be mentioned on the list, with swimmers warned against jumping into the water for risk of injury. The dangers involved in this activity were evident at another beach in January after three swimmers sustained serious injuries after jumping at The Pillars at Mount Martha near Melbourne.

Alongside the last warning of sharks and the live spider being an extra addition, Aussies believe the sign fully demonstrates the dangers that beachgoers are exposed to when they simply want to enjoy themselves at the beach.

"Everybody focuses on the animals, but it's the 'strong rips' combined with 'no lifeguard on patrol' that will kill most tourists," one wrote, to which another replied adding, "lucky there's an eight-legged lifeguard on patrol."

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