Driver narrowly avoids killing biker, crushes motorcycle

Natasha Christian

A motorcycle rider has had a lucky escape after narrowly avoiding being crushed by a reversing learner driver.

Dash cam video has emerged of the moment the learner driver ends up in the middle of an intersection after failing to stop for a red light.

As the female driver reverses, the unknowingly switches lanes and careers into the path of the waiting motorcyclist.

Fortunately for the rider, he managed to escape without any injury. The same can't be said for his poor bike.


Beware bad drivers! The rise of the dash cam means if you do something terrible on the road, it’s likely someone’s caught it on film.

A 25-year-old mechanic named Troy, is one of the people who decides if Australia will see your road fail.

He runs the page Dash Cam Owners Australia which often shares footage of car crashes, road rage incidents and unusual driver behavior.

While he doesn’t set out to embarrass anyone, Troy started the page to improve road awareness and safety.

“We’re not here to name and shame people, we all make mistakes,” Troy told Yahoo7.

Despite this, ending up on the page could be a little embarrassing if you are doing the wrong thing.

When it came to the state with the worst drivers, Troy said most of the dash cam submissions came from Queensland and Western Australia.

He also felt dash cams were necessary on Australian roads.

“Many car accidents turn out to be a he said she said case and the camera tells the story in black and white,” he said.

“Also, they can offer protection for car park bingles and hit and run cases where the innocent party is usually left to foot the bill.”

Find out more about Dash Cam Owners Australia here.'''

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