Baby whale saved in dramatic shark net rescue

High drama swept the Southport seas this afternoon as a baby whale was cut free from a shark net.

Seaworld rescuers were called to the scene after the trapped humpback whale calf was seen struggling in a shark net off Main Beach.

The net appeared to be separating the calf, believed to be only weeks old, from its panicked mother watching nearby.

Rescuers were able to get close enough to the calf to start cutting the net straight away, preventing it from becoming more tangled.

The calf soon became free from the confines of the net and swam away with its mother.

A whale calf caught in a shark net off Southport has been freed. Photo: 7News
Seaworld rescuers arrived at the scene, working to free the calf as its mother watched on nearby. Photos: 7News
The trapped calf was reunited with its mother after the dramatic rescue. Photo: 7News

Morning news break – August 11