Avocado lovers can't get enough of this little-known hack

We all love a good food hack, especially when it comes to knowing the perfect time to crack open an avocado.

It's definitely one of the trickiest things to get right. Cut it open too early and smashed avo on toast is out of the question. Too late and you're left with a smooshed mess.

So if you love avocados, you definitely need these little-known hacks in your life.

Woman shopping for avocados in supermarket
Take the guesswork out of knowing when an avocado is ready to eat. Photo: Getty Images

Kim McCosker, who writes Australia's popular cookbook series 4 Ingredients, recently shared her top tips for how to select ripe avocados and her post quickly went viral.

“As a farmer's daughter, I pride myself in knowing 'stuff' about fruits and veggies. For example, apples are 25 per cent air, strawberries have on average 200 seeds and pumpkins are 90 per cent water... but I never knew this,” she started off her post.

Kim went on to share a super easy hack to determine whether an avocado is ripe enough to eat or not, and it's super simple. All you need to do is take a good look at the stem cap.


“Avocados have stems and simply by peeling back the small stem cap you can tell a lot about the fruit,” Kim explained.

“If the stem comes off easily and you see green, it's perfect and ready to eat. If the stem is fussy and won't remove easily, it's likely unripe.

She added that an over-ripe avocado’s stem will remove easily and have a “darker coloured flesh”.

“Mother Nature sure works in wondrously logical ways!” she wrote.

Avo fans reacts to handy hack

Kim's handy hack quickly went viral, generating over 1,000 likes and hundreds of shares.

“And I was today years old when I found this out! Thank you for sharing,” one grateful follower said.

“Wow. As a new avo eater thank you for all this info,” added another.

But that’s not the only great avocado hack out there. Others jumped in to share their amazing avo tricks too, with tips on everything from keeping them fresh to how to ripen them quicker.

“If I buy them green I put them in the cupboard under the sink, they ripen in no time,” one person shared.

Woman's hands removing seed from avocado with spoon on wooden cutting board
Before you store open avocados in the fridge, submerge them in a bowl of water, wrote another person. They'll stay fresh and last a lot longer. Source: Getty Images

“I put mine in a covered dish with cold water to cover them in the fridge, they can last up to two weeks and are still fresh when you take them out,” shared another.

“I even wrap a half of avocado with the seed in, in glad wrap tightly and put it in the water. They don't go off and keep for much longer.”

Meanwhile, if you want to keep using a ripe avocado over a longer period of time, there’s a trick to that too.

“Cut the end off the pointy bit and use a knife or spoon to take the amount of avo needed. Put in a sealed container & use as needed. Avo won’t go brown,” another person shared.

So there you have it, all the top hacks to get the most out of your avocados this season.

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