Autistic teen targeted once again by heartless Melbourne gang

An autistic teenager who was bashed on a bus in Melbourne's West has been targeted again.

Jayden D'Abaco's mother feared she wouldn't see her son alive again when he sent her a text message pleading for help.

On Friday, security cameras captured a gang walking past Jayden's home in Tarneit in Melbourne’s west.

Jayden - who's 17 and lives with autism - came outside because his dog was barking, and says he recognised the gang from when he was bashed on a bus seven weeks ago.

And he says that same group threatened him again on a bus last weekend.

“And then I received a message 'Mum they're on the bus again' and my fear that night was 'we're not going to see our son again,” Jayden’s mother Tess D’Abaco said.

It's been a tough month and a half for this family.

The original assault left Jayden concussed.

The Western Bulldogs brightened Jayden's day by inviting him behind the scenes at captain Bob Murphy's 300th match.

But Jayden was left shaken by the second bus encounter last week, and now the family's car has been damaged outside their home.

“As you can see they've trashed it; jumped on it, stomped on it, obviously keyed it or screw-drivered the whole car,” Jayden’s father Frank D’Abaco told 7 News.

The family isn't sure if the same gang is responsible.

Jayden believes the same gang is behind the latest attacks on his family. Photo: Supplied

Tess, Frank and their kids have lived in their Tarneit home for 15 years, but say they no longer feel safe here. They're seriously thinking about packing up and moving interstate.

“House invasions up the road, people being injured. What's it take?” Mr D’Abaco said.

“There's a problem!”