Confusion over question about four-way intersection – but what would you do?

A four-way intersection has caused debate and confusion after people on Facebook were asked what order the cars should be entering.

NSW Road Safety posted a graphic on Facebook of four cars at an intersection, all stationary at stop signs.

“An intersection where the four entry points are all marked with stop signs are very rare but we’ve seen some interest on clarity of the road rules for this type of intersection,” the department wrote.

The department added all vehicles arrived at the stop signs at the same time.

A four-way intersection quiz has left people on Facebook baffled. Source: NSW Road Safety/Facebook
A four-way intersection quiz has left people on Facebook baffled. Source: NSW Road Safety/Facebook

Cars A and D are looking to travel straight ahead, meaning they would cross paths. Car C is looking to turn left and car B wants to make a right turn.

Drivers in NSW have to give way to the right.

But very few people were able to figure out who goes first at the intersection.

“No idea, but whoever allowed that intersection to happen should be sacked instantly, and checked for insanity, and be liable for all accidents there,” one man wrote.

A woman suggested a roundabout should be built in place of it.

“I really hope there is a tow company and ambulance station at that intersection cause they would be very busy,” another man wrote.

A third man joked: “No one even knows what one stop sign means in Sydney.”

“If the intersection is in Cabramatta then only the great Pythagoras can solve this dilemma,” a fourth man wrote.

A woman's hands seen on a steering wheel.
People weren't exactly thrilled with the idea of such an intersection, with some saying they'd avoid it entirely. Source: Getty Images, file

Other people called the intersection “nonsensical” and it could lead to a “Mexican stand-off” between drivers.

Some got the correct answer though. Car D and C can move first at the same time.

The driver in car A is the next to move through the intersection, which leaves car B last to pass through.

One woman who got the answer correct wrote she’d find an alternate route to using the intersection.

“I’d avoid the intersection and go to the nearest roundabout or lights instead,” she wrote.

The department explained an intersection such as the one pictured “has the effect of creating a safer environment for all road users particularly pedestrians”.

“It ensures that all traffic is stopping as it approaches the intersection, and all turning vehicles have to give way to pedestrians,” it wrote.

“While it’s the responsibility of all road users to comply with the road rules to minimise the risk of a crash, if another driver doesn’t give way to you, don’t force them or yourself into a dangerous situation.”

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