Driver blasted as 'idiot' after police catch him driving at record speed

Officers say they were left “speechless” after a driver was busted 100km/h over the speed limit.

Police from Fawkner Highway Patrol nabbed the driver, a 39 year old man, allegedly travelling at 228km/h in a 110km zone on Sunday morning at around 11.05am.

The driver was busted on Calder Freeway near Gap Road, in the Victorian town of Sunbury, 39km away from Melbourne’s CBD.

Picture of Calder Freeway, with Gap Road, overhead
The driver was busted on Calder Freeway near Gap Road, in the Victorian town of Sunbury. Source: Google Maps

Officers apprehended the 39 year old and his Kia Stinger was immediately impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1005, Victoria Police said.

He was arrested for conduct endangering life, speed dangerous and other traffic related offences.

Sergeant Dean Pickering had some strong words for the driver, slamming him for putting other motorists at risk.

“If this went wrong it would have ended in twisted metal and instant death,” Sgt Pickering said.

“To put it into perspective this driver is 118km/h above the limit.

“We are somewhat speechless that someone would make a decision so bad.”

Facebook users called the driver an “idiot” and asked for his car to be crushed.

Picture of the speedometer which shows the driver was exceeding the speed limit
Police said the drivers' speed left them speechless. Source: Victoria Police

Others suggested he got off light, with one person saying the impound fee was “peanuts”.

“Only way to stop these idiots is CRUSH THE CAR IMMEDIATELY. Just don’t bother impounding the vehicles because it’s never going to stop rev heads,” someone wrote.

“Time to crush the car and should be off the road for long time all licenses and massive fines,” another person said.

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