Aussies rage as McDonald's 'announce' new McFry burger: 'Not funny'

McDonald's teamed up with a Melbourne food blogger to announce the new burger on the weekend.

A McDonald's April Fool's joke didn't have its customers laughing, but instead wishing the fake offer was real.

In a paid partnership with Melbourne food blogger Ange Eats, McDonald's Australia announced the food chain was releasing a McFry burger — a quarter pounder stuffed with fries.

"Guys run don’t walk to McDonalds," the blogger said on his TikTok. "We just got our hands on the new McFry burger. The well-known hack we all know and love has just hit the menu in McDonald’s in Australia."

A photo of the McDonald's McFry burger, which was an April Fool's Day prank. A photo of a Melbourne food blogger eating the McFry, in partnership with the fast-food chain.
McDonald's Australia pranked customers for April Fool's Day by introducing their 'new' burger, the McFry. Source: TikTok/Facebook

"Let’s give it a taste," he continued, videoing himself digging in. "Oh my god. This is insane."

The fast-food chain posted about it on their socials as well, jokingly saying it's "available until yesterday" and revealing in the comments that it was a "cheeky April Fool's prank".

"No mess. No fuss. No worries. We’ve made it so you don’t have to! Get your hands on the McFry today," they said on Facebook.

McDonald's April Fool's prank backfires

The prank left customers feeling salty, saying how they really feel in the comments.

"This is not funny that it’s a prank. I’d totally buy a McFry!" one person said on Facebook.

"I was so excited until I read the last part “available until yesterday”. Maybe McDonald’s should actually release burgers like this. Would be a nice change from the usual menu," another said.

"But can you actually do this for real! I put chips in my cheeseburger all the time," a third person said.

This isn't the first time the fast-food chain have pranked people with a 'new' burger. In 2019 on April Fool's Day they announced a McPickle burger, leaving pickle fans angered by the joke.

"Where's my McPickle burger from 4 years ago???" one person joked in the Facebook comments of the McFry announcement, clearly still feeling betrayed.

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