Aussie McDonald's customer makes baffling discovery: 'Please explain'

A TikToker's cheeseburger gripe has gone viral after he noticed a startling detail in the price.

An Australian man has fired shots at McDonald's over a pricing anomaly that effectively results in customers paying close to $3 for a slice of cheese. The TikToker explained the issue in a short video, which has been viewed over 300,000 times since Sunday.

In the clip, the man shows the ingredients list of the Macca's hamburger, followed by the ingredients of the chain's cheeseburger. He then points out that the two items are identical, except that the latter burger comes with a single slice of cheese.

McDonald's sign; Aussie TikToker
An Australian TikToker has demanded McDonald's explain the price of their cheeseburgers. Source: TikTok/@review_food_challenges

Despite the minimal difference between two products, the hamburger is priced at $2, while the cheeseburger costs $4.55, a price hike of more than 100% for a slice of cheese. "So I’m telling you now, Macca's is charging you $2.55 for a slice of f***ing cheese," the man says in the video. "What the f**k, Macca's? Please explain."

Reactions to the man's video were mixed, with many saying the price discrepancy is old news and others pointing out the hamburger is so cheap because it's part of Macca's Loose Change promotional menu. "I'm pretty sure people know this," came one reply. "Lol you're only just realising this. I've known since I was like 12. The hamburger is part of the Loose Change menu," added another.

Yahoo News understands that the McDonald's Loose Change menu gives customers the opportunity to buy popular items at cheaper prices between 10.30am and midnight. The hamburger is $2 during this time, and around 75 cents cheaper than a cheeseburger at other times, but prices vary from store to store.

The Aussie man's revelation comes soon after a McDonald's employee in the UK called out baffling customer behaviour, which includes people ordering cheeseburgers with no cheese. It's a confusing request indeed, considering customers could simply order a hamburger instead.

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