Aussies praise neighbours' 'beautiful' note to mum with crying newborn

The neighbours also left some nappies and wipes for the mum, who thanked them for their generosity.

An Aussie mum is in awe of her neighbours after they left a “beautiful and caring” note stuck to her front door, along with a gift.

The woman, reportedly from Western Australia, said she made the surprising discovery on her doorstep on Wednesday while caring for her “crying newborn”.

“Hey, we are your neighbours from behind you to the left,” the note says. “We have heard your little bub crying a few times and thought we would drop off some nappies and wipes as we know how tough the early days are! We hope this brightens your day xoxo.”

A photo of the note from the neighbours to the Aussie mum.
The Aussie mum said she found the note on her front door, along with some nappies and wipes for her 'crying newborn'. Source: Facebook

Surprised by the “thoughtful” act, the mum took to Facebook to thank her neighbours for their kind words and the much-appreciated supplies.

“Our neighbours left this note at our front door along with some nappies and wipes,” she posted on social media. “Thank you for your kindness and being patient with the noise of a crying newborn!”

Aussies praise 'lovely' gesture

The neighbours’ “understanding” has attracted almost 4,000 likes and over a hundred comments, including some Aussies who shared stories about their own encounters with friendly residents.

“Oh lovely! And as a new mum you can worry too much about what other people think and if you are disturbing people — it’s nice that their act of kindness shows they understand,” one woman wrote.

“What a beautiful thing to do. Having a newborn is tough work and any support or kind gesture means the world at that time,” another added, while a third person described the mum’s neighbours as “wonderful” and said the “lovely” gesture had brought tears to their eyes.

Mums share their kind neighbour's acts

One Facebook user said once a neighbour would come over and cuddle their twin babies so they could “get a few things done” from time to time. Another told the story of when she gave birth to her daughter 50 years ago in “small central Queensland”.

A stock image of a fence with a birds of paradise plant in front.
The mum thanked the neighbours for their 'thoughtful' gesture during a trying time. Source: Getty

“I also had a 21-month-old son, still in nappies, to also look after and no family or friends nearby,” she wrote. “I had a fairly good supply of cloth nappies (no disposable ones then) and I was coping reasonably well but we had a prolonged period of wet weather, and I really struggled to get nappies dry.”

Just as she was “becoming desperate”, the woman said her neighbour from across the road suddenly appeared at her door “with a pile of dry, folded nappies”. Her five children were all well past the nappy stage but she still had them stored away. What an angel. I had never been so grateful in my life before and not since either,” she said.

Ugly encounters with neighbours

Sadly, some people admitted they had a less positive reception from their communities.

“Gifts and understanding, what more can you ask for. My neighbour told me that she knew we’d had a baby because they could hear it from across the street. There was no gift or understanding, she asked when I could make it stop,” one person said.

Another said when her newborn was just six weeks old she received a note from a neighbour saying her lawn was “too long and that I should show respect to him by mowing it”.

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