Aussies 'outraged' by price of popular snack at Optus Stadium: 'That's revolting'

Spectators at Optus Stadium in Perth have been left fuming over the high price of food at the venue's snack bar. A photo of the menu was posted online by a stadium attendee, who singled out the cost of chocolate bars.

"$6 for a Cherry Ripe at Optus Stadium," the Reddit user wrote. "And they wonder why crowds are low". Other menu prices include a hefty $5.50 for a small bag of chips and $6.20 for bagged lollies.

Comparatively, consumers are able to purchase a standard size Cherry Ripe at Woolworths for as little as $1 on special, while Coles sells a regular Cherry Ripe for a non-discounted price of $2.

Optus Stadium snacks menu
Snack food prices at Perth's Optus Stadium caused a stir this week. Source: Reddit

Nothing new

A representative of Optus Stadium told Yahoo News that spectators have been paying the same amount for years. "The chocolate bar price at the stadium has been the same since opening in 2018," the spokesperson said.

Nonetheless, Redditors were stunned by the venue's pricing, with one commenting, "I don't expect supermarket prices, but that's totally f**king outrageous," and another wrote, "Honestly, that's revolting".

The uproar comes amid a squeeze on Aussie hip pockets, with a group of the country's biggest food producers warning grocery prices at Woolworths, Coles and other Australian retailers are expected to rise by as much as six to eight per cent in the next year.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, fruit and vegetable prices rose 16.2 per cent in the 12 months to the September quarter, while the price of dairy products increased by 12.1 per cent.

BYO snacks

For those struggling with the rising cost of living, the good news is that stadium attendees are free to bring certain snacks purchased elsewhere. "Fans are welcome to bring their own food, subject to guidelines around glass and sealed bottles. Each code has its own list of requirements around what it allows ticketholders to bring into the stadium, so we always recommend fans check in advance on our website," the Optus Stadium spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, sporting fans are questioning whether such high prices will lead to lower attendance at events. "Something as simple as paying $6 for a Cherry Ripe can leave you with a sour taste in your mouth and puts you off attending other events at the stadium in the future," commented one Redditor, and another wrote, "Selling or bidding on the rights to sell food (have a choke point monopoly) in these places may help the stadium once every rental renewal cycle but overall it discourages people from turning up to events."

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