Aussies love Coles worker's reaction to egg prank at the checkout: 'What a good sport'

Aussie pranksters are known for their bizarre TikTok videos, and this supermarket moment is no different.

The Coles worker entertained the prank, much to the joy of those on TikTok.
The Coles worker entertained the prank, much to the joy of those on TikTok.

Social media is awash with weird and whacky content these days, most of it shared in a bid to go viral. And while it's unclear if that's the intentions of a TikTok account that goes by the name of Tommy Armour, there's no doubting his exploits are a bit odd.

The Aussie has become known for scoffing whole eggs, shell and all, in front of bewildered members of the public. And while his fans are impressed and baffled in equal measure, one man featuring in one of his latest videos looks like he's seen it all before.

Tommy approaches the Coles worker named Robert at his checkout, purchasing a dozen eggs. "How's it going, alright?" the employee asks.

Requesting to take one out before Robert puts them down in the bagging area, Tommy stuffs the egg into his mouth.

"Oh, you eat them raw?" Robert casually asks. "Oh, I get it. $5.30."

It's fair to say he passed the vibe check with Tommy's followers.

"What a good sport he was," one person wrote. "He was so lovely," another added.

"Bro was chill with it," read another while someone said he was "calmly shooketh".

"My favourite Coles worker!" one person declared. "He's clearly seen many things in his life," another suggested. The video has racked up more than 100,000 views. His most successful egg eating video came onboard a flight in March when he devoured an egg next to two sleeping passengers.

This is not the first time supermarket workers in Australia have been used as part of a prank. Last year two teens managed to fool a Woolworths worker to announce over the loudspeaker a fictional person was missing. As the age-old gag goes, the name was an embarrassing utterance and she quickly realised, calling the boys a pair of "buggers", winning the hearts of their TikTok audience.

Both of Australia's main supermarkets have embraced TikTok themselves creating content in the hope of connecting with a younger audience.

Woolworths began using one of their store employees Liam Kirley after he went viral for his work-related content in 2021, with Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Hicks saying he hoped the move would help bring "authenticity" to the account.

“TikTok is a great platform to share content and we hope can help make customers’ shopping easier through simple and fun tips and insights," he said.

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