Aussies in stitches over home's downpipes: 'You've been had'

This downpipe disaster has one Aussie homeowner absolutely gutted.

A homeowner has left Aussies cracking up after sharing his downpipe disaster story, causing many to question whether his builder has "shares in a PVC pipe company".

The Sydneysider shared a photo to a local building Facebook page, showing seven pipes going down just one side of his house. Even those less in-the-know when it comes to building immediately knew that there was something very wrong with what they saw.

"My builder says this has to be like this, has anyone ever seen this many downpipes on one length of gutter," he questioned, bewildered at the sight.

He then added that there were a whopping 21 more downpipes around his home, which drove over 7000 people to comment in absolute shock at the "ridiculous" amount of piping.

Left image of house lined with downpipes. Right image of the floor plan for the home.
With seven pipes just on one side and 28 downpipes all together, many Aussies are saying this doesn't look right. Source: Facebook

Later, he replied to one commenter explaining the drainage pipes cost him an extra $13,000 because he had a "hydraulic plan drawn up and upgraded to a charged system" so that the water could be pumped uphill to the street before running back across the property to the creek at the back.

"Why make it run uphill when we have a natural fall to the rear?" he asked. "It's got me stuffed".

With this information, thousands of people argued over whether 28 downpipes would ever be needed in a residential home — the majority of people agreeing it seems over the top.

One gutter installation expert told Yahoo News Australia that residential homes often have up to four or five. "I have never seen a home with 28 in my entire career," he said.

Some questioning if the photo is real

So unbelievable is the amount of pipes coming down from the gutter that some have questioned if the image was even real. "Photoshop?" one person questioned.

"You've been had mate, this is not only ridiculous but a total eyesore," said another, in just as much shock as the house's owner.

While most offered support, saying the amount looked far from "normal," others tried to make light of the situation.

"When you work by the downspout and not by the hour," said one.

"There’s room for at least 2 more there, someone’s got that wrong," another joked.

Why do houses need downpipes?

Downpipes are used for draining the roof. They carry rainwater from a gutter down to a drainage system or to ground level.

The number of downpipes you need for your home depends on the maximum rainfall intensity in your area, according to The National Construction Code (NCC), as well as size of your roof area and the degree in which it slants.

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