Aussie's blunder turns front yard into 'mulch mountain'

A woman has taken to social media to offload some of the mounds of mulch from the front of her home after her husband's mistake.

A woman has come home to a hilarious surprise after her husband made a "rookie error" and accepted mulch from a tree lopper, not realising the extent of wood chips he was about to be left with.

The man agreed to the load "on a rushed phone call between work meetings" while his wife was out. After getting home, she found her house was almost invisible behind the mountain of mulch.

"They say it is going to be a hot summer. Protect your plants and trees now ! Bring your own shovel and some way to shift as much mulch as you want..." she shared on social media, trying to offload some of the mulch to people in her community.

Image of mounds of mulch in front of a house with a car in the background.
Wife comes home to a 'mountain' of mulch after her husband's 'rookie error'. Source: Facebook

Everyone found humour in the 'rookie error'

Many people replied interested in taking some mulch off the family, asking for their address. Others joked with the wife about the funny incident.

"We walked past and saw it the other day and wondered if you were building the extension with mulch," one person said.

"Oh babe, I know a few people stung by the tree lopper, including myself," another shared of their own experience.

The wife ended up sharing a progress report after the many responses.

"I've quit my job to manage the social media presence of the mulch mountain," she joked.

Not the first time someone's been left with way too much mulch

This incident is not isolated. Last year a disability pensioner was left distraught after a tree lopper dumped a truckload of mulch on her driveway,

When the man offered to give her free mulch, she said she only requested a small amount for her garden, however he kept on unloading more. There ended up being so much that the woman living in western Sydney's Werrington County couldn't "even get into the garage".

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