Aussies in stitches over hilarious Facebook Marketplace fail

Sharing their fish tank onto Facebook marketplace, the pair had no idea they were making a 'aquarium sized' mistake.

An Aussie mum and daughter have had a hilarious fail while trying to sell an item on Facebook Marketplace.

Comedian Georgina Humphries tells how her mum asked her to advertise a fish tank online, giving her the dimensions to post in the ad: 1820cm high x 450cm deep x 350cm wide. Without batting an eyelid at the seemingly enormous dimensions, Georgina posted onto Facebook and awaited someone to respond.

"Maths doesn't run in our family," Georgina said in her TikTok video, preempting what was to come. The next morning a potential buyer, John, messaged Georgina in pure shock at the supposed size of the tank.

"Hi Georgina, is that three and a half metres wide?" he queried, clearly needing confirmation that the dimensions were written in the ad correctly.

Mum and daughter's Facebook Marketplace fail had one man asking questions. Source: Facebook / TikTok / Georgina Humphries
Mum and daughter's Facebook Marketplace fail had one man asking questions. Source: Facebook / TikTok / Georgina Humphries

The two think John is the 'idiot'

Both mother and daughter were incredulous and could not believe John would ask such a question.

"I said no, it's 350cm," Georgina shared, to which John replied with a thumbs up emoji. She then told her mum about the message and they unanimously agreed that John was an "idiot" and the whole encounter was strange.

"He said is it 3.5 metres wide when it clearly says 350 centimetres," they said in their reaction. "Why would we have a fish tank that's so big?"

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John could not stop thinking about the giant fish tank

The day following their last exchange, John, who seemingly could not stop thinking about the tank, messaged Georgina again to let her know that 350cm is the same as three and a half metres.

"Can you show me that it's that big with a measuring tape?" he asked.

Georgina ended up reading the message and then Googling it to see what John was talking about — which is when the duo learned the truth.

"I [then] realised that 100cm is a metre," Georgina's mum said.

After going back out to re-measure, they then understood that what they were meant to say in the advertisement was millimetres — not centimetres.

"Hi John, turns out the measurements are in millimetres so the width is 35cm. If you. wanted to keep a great white shark you won't be in luck this time sorry! But I assure you what we lack in mathematical skills we make up for in our quality fish tank," Georgina finally said, to which John never responded.

Aussies in stitches at the exchange

People commenting on the video were laughing just as much as the pair were trying to explain what had happened.

"Y’all really gaslit me into thinking 350cm wasn’t 3.5 metres hahahaha," one replied.

"I’m going to show my year 6 class this video when they say 'why do we have to learn this stuff, when will we even use this in life?' Love this!" another shared.

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