Aussie's 'embarrassing' find under car after hilarious servo blunder

She got out to check what was wrong with her tyres only to find something far more unexpected.

An Aussie woman on a road trip was left mortified after making a bizarre discovery under her car while trying to leave a servo.

Content Creator and Podcaster, Rose Valente, was in northern NSW near Yamba when she stopped at a local service station to top up on petrol. But, when she saw how "expensive" the prices were, she decided to cut her losses and move on to another place.

That's when she heard a strange noise coming from under her car that made her think something was terribly "wrong" with her tyres. "I [was] like, 'Oh my god there's something [wrong] with my tyres. This is it, I have to call a tow truck, I'm going to be stuck in Yamba with a flat tyre'," she shared online.

Photo on left shows Rose Valente with her hand to her mouth in embarrassment. Photo on right shows the grey servo watering can under her car.
Rose Valente was hysterical after almost driving off from a servo with a watering can stuck under her car. Source: Supplied

Expected a flat tyre, found a servo watering can

Rose was absolutely shocked when she discovered the sound hadn't been coming from her vehicle but was actually a servo watering can — a grey one commonly used to wash car windscreens — that she accidentally ran over and started driving off with.

"You know what I did? I ran over one of those servo [cans]," she shared in horror. "This is the most embarrassing thing. I'm trying to get it out and I'm sure they're watching. I'm going to have to take it back."

Embarrassed but walked away scot-free

Rose was hysterically laughed in embarrassment while trying to get the giant can out so she could leave the situation as quickly as possible. "I put it right next to the shop and just left," she said as she escaped.

This isn't the first or last blunder to happen to an Aussie at a servo, but at least it was a cheap one. Earlier this year a NSW fisherman made a "bloody expensive mistake" at the petrol pump, accidentally mistaking a rod holder for the boat's fuel tank — costing him a whopping $536.

Read more about his big mistake here.

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