Aussie tourist trapped in hotel room after viral travel hack fails

An Australian holidaying in Thailand brought viewers along for her stressful three hour-ordeal.

An Aussie tourist was stuck in her hotel room for three hours after a viral TikTok hack to lock her door went horribly wrong.

Chloe, an Australian holidaying in Thailand, brought viewers along for her stressful three-hour ordeal. "I bought the viral door lock and I can't get out, it's jammed in my door and I'm panicking", she shared while showing the contraption caught in her door.

The travel door lock from Amazon became popular after a spate of travel safety videos from travellers and flight attendants recommending the device went viral, prompting holidayers to up their safety game while staying in hotels.

Two images. Left image is a headshot of woman with brown hair in her hotel room. Right image is of the travel lock in the hotel door with a red circle around it.
An Aussie tourist was stuck in her hotel room for three hours because of a viral travel lock she bought from Amazon. Source: Supplied

People online had a lot of feedback, with most commenting that she had put the wrong end into the lock. "I think you put it in the wrong end. I have a few of those and it looks like it's backwards" replied one person, while another said "if the smaller end didn't fit then it doesn't fit this particular door and you aren't supposed to use it".

Chloe adamantly told viewers she had used the lock correctly. "I'm re-reading the instructions, I've put it in the right way. I didn't put it the wrong way around", she assured.

After looking up the lock on Amazon, one viewer advised that other people had also been trapped by this particular lock. One review online stated "we tried it and had to use tools to get out of the bedroom. It literally locked me up from inside, door was jammed. Won’t recommend".

The only way out: through a window

Many users attempted to send advice on how to unlock her door. "I don't know if this is a bad idea but try bending it to the side then opening it so maybe it’ll create space you can wedge it out", offered one person.

"Use the butter knife to create space, don't bend the piece that’s stuck what if it breaks", another person commented trying to help.

After all advice failed Chloe eventually had to climb out of her hotel window onto the balcony, which was level with the hallways of the hotel, and seek out assistance from staff. Maintenance crew then removed the device from the outside using a screw driver and force.

Though safe after what happened, Chloe told viewers she was mortified by the incident. "There's nothing more embarrassing than this happening" she said.

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