Aussie fisherman's $536 fuel blunder: 'Bloody expensive mistake'

A NSW fisherman has made a “bloody expensive mistake” at the petrol pump, accidentally mistaking a rod holder for the boat’s fuel tank.

In a Snapchat video shared to a popular fishing page on Friday, several people are seen hosing down the ground around the boat as its parked at a 7-Eleven pump in West Pennant Hills.

“Guys don’t make this mistake ever,” the man behind the camera says, showing an eye-watering $536.76 worth of fuel – or 231 litres – on the pump.

A boat is hosed down outside 7-eleven after 231 litres of fuel was accidentally poured into a rod holder instead of the fuel tank.
The boat was filled with more than $500 worth of fuel before anyone noticed the error. Source: Fishing Sydney

“They thought this was the petrol,” he continues, zooming into a rod holder on the side of the vessel.

The video quickly racked up more than 230,000 views, with many viewers stunned by the pricey blunder.

“Have heard of it happening. Bloody expensive mistake,” one person wrote.

“That’s an expensive non-fishing day,” another said.

“Wow is all I have,” someone else added.

While some called the fisher’s error “stupid”, others admitted they’ve also made the same mistake in the past.

“Not even gonna lie I did that same thing once,” one person confessed.

“I did that once, bloody stainless rod holder right next to my stainless fuel cap. Fortunately only a couple of litres before I realised,” a second man admitted.

A similar incident occurred on Australia Day in 2021, when a boater accidentally poured 150L of fuel into his rod holder.

Fire and Rescue NSW were called to help pump out the fuel from inside the boat, which was filling up at the marina at the Spit Bridge in Mosman.

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