Aussies divided over 'interesting' Vegemite find at Coles

Vegemite flavoured Maggi 2-Minute Noodles hit the shelves at Coles stores this month, but not everyone is convinced.

Left, the front of a Coles store. Right, a four-pack of Maggi 2-Minute Vegemite Noodles.
Maggi 2-Minute Vegemite Noodles are being sold exclusively at Coles for the month of May. Source: AAP/Reddit

Aussies are no strangers to their favourite spread — Vegemite — making a star appearance in a variety of food combinations, from ‘abominable’ brownies to hot cross buns and Coles roast chickens.

In yet another collaboration, the iconic yeast extract has recently teamed up with another pantry staple — Maggi 2-Minute Noodles — and as usual, everyone has an opinion about it.

A Coles shopper delved into the discussion on Friday after spotting the “interesting find” on shelves at their local store. “Maggi with Vegemite? Curious to see if others have tried it and whether it’s good?” they posted on Reddit, adding they believed it would taste like “thickened soy sauce” on noodles.

While some Aussies rolled their eyes at the trend of “putting Vegemite with random foods”, dozens responded they hadn’t seen the 2-minute Vegemite noodles in supermarkets yet, but said they'd be keen to try them.

“Awesome, will snag some of these tonight,” one person vowed, while another said they “want them right now”.

The four-pack of Maggi 2-minute Vegemite Noodles next to a bowl of the cooked noodles and some butter and cheese.
Nestle says on its website the dish is 'best enjoyed with a little butter and grated cheese or as a meal base with added protein and vegetables'. Source: Nestle

However, numerous others warned them against it, describing the latest fusion as “really lacking in flavour”, and urging Maggi to “bring back [the] chicken and corn flavour”.

“I thought they’d be good, I wanted them to be good but honestly they weren’t,” someone said. “Tried these. Too mild. Added another spoon of the good stuff to get a better flavour,” another Aussie suggested.

Aussie foodie TikToker Russell Stewart — known online as Russ Eats — has also chucked in his two cents, giving the Vegemite noodles a six out of 10 in a review posted just days before the collaboration was launched exclusively at Coles on May 1.

“Ok the flavour combo works — the Vegemite with the noodles has surprised me but I like super intense, deep Vegemite, and it’s just not salty or Vege-mighty enough …. but if I double sachet that it would probably be pretty good,” he said, pointing out the downfall of then being left with a packet of plain noodles.

Nestle says on its website the dish is “best enjoyed with a little butter and grated cheese or as a meal base with added protein and vegetables”. The noodles will be sold at Coles stores this month before being rolled out to other retailers from mid-June.

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