Aussie woman's tirade after tradie's act in 'shared driveway'

A man delivering furniture parked in a shared driveway copped a blast from a neighbour. See what the debate was about.

A Newcastle business owner was delivering furniture to a home when he was confronted with an angry neighbour complaining about him parked in a shared driveway.

The woman warned DW Design & Styling owner Daniel Wilson that he was "in trouble" for blocking the driveway she shares with his client, despite Mr Wilson explaining that he was just "doing his job".

"(There's) right of access, it’s an easement,” he said. “I get it’s your home. I’m going to unload my truck, set the furniture up and I’ll be gone in 15 minutes."

A photo of the driveway that is being blocked by the team's truck. A photo of the woman telling the team to unblock the shared driveway.
The owner of home staging business DW Design & Styling recorded a woman telling him off for blocking her driveway. Source: TikTok

“It’s not an easement,” the woman responds informing him it is a "right of way". “Would you like me to go and get the court documents? Because I’m telling you this is not an easement."

The private easement the woman is referring to is known as a 'right of carriageway', which allows her neighbour to access the driveway, as long as she doesn't block it, JB Solicitors explain on their website.

“The police are coming," the woman added in the video. "You’re not allowed to block at any time. It’s the law. It’s legal.”

Mr Wilson said the argument started "within three seconds" of the team arriving. “I was told by the owner we would encounter a certain amount of resistance, we were warned,” he said to “It was a fun way to start the year."

The woman also insisted he "park on the street," even suggesting to "double park" when the man says there was no parking on the street."I can’t double park, that's illegal,” he responded.

After several attempts he and his team were granted 15 minutes by the neighbour to do his job.

“I’ll give you 15 minutes and then you better be gone,” she boldly said.

During the conversation, Mr Wilson asked if the couple needed access to drive out, which he was happy to give them, to which the woman said "yeah probably". He claimed in the video that they didn't have a car.

Social media praise business owner for his patience

The video, which has since been deleted, has attracted much attention, garnering almost 3 million views.

"Man you were way too nice," one person commented.

"So she's talking about the law and what’s illegal but then telling you to double park," another piped in.

"Why are people so intent on making life hard," a third person said.

Mr Wilson told that he is curious to see what it'll be like when he comes to pick up the furniture once the house is sold.

“It was our first job back after the Christmas break... My poor staff didn’t deserve that,” he said to the publication.

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