Aussie mum 'crushed' in shock road rage incident: 'Heard my bones breaking'

A motorist in a ute ran over Tia-Loketi Harvey during a horrific road rage incident on the Sunshine Coast.

The shocking moment an Australian woman had her legs crushed by a ute has been caught on a dash cam. Tia-Loketi Harvey says she was driving with her nine-year-old son and her 15-year-old cousin near Coolum Beach in Queensland when an argument with a driver left her with two broken legs.

Harvey was in her blue Subaru on December 22 when she slowed down to let another car merge into her lane. She claims a driver in a ute pulled in sharply behind her and “started high-beaming me and gesturing out the window.”

Harvey said she pulled over near the roundabout and the other driver got out of his ute. “He’s walked straight up to me, grabbed me by my two shoulders and flinged me,” she told the Courier Mail.

Screen grabs of dash cam footage captures the moment Tia-Loketi Harvey was crushed by a ute during a road rage incident at Coolum.
Tia-Loketi Harvey has been relearning how to walk following the horrific road rage incident at Coolum. Source: Courier Mail

Fight breaks out on roadside

The 26-year-old explained that she retaliated, grabbing air fresheners out of her vehicle and throwing them at his car, which a passer-by filmed. The other driver went back to his car and Ms Harvey returned to hers, which is when the incident escalated.

“I’ve just seen the light come towards me, and all of a sudden I was up against my door, my back was arching, the lights were coming at me and all I heard was the crunches of bones breaking,” she said.

Footage captured from another car’s dash cam shows the moment Harvey’s legs were crushed by the ute. “When he ran me over, he got out of his car,” the mum-of-one said. “He kept abusing me, blood was squirting out and I could see my bone.”

Mum must relearn to walk as she faces mental toll of incident

Harvey was rushed to hospital and had surgery the next day. She remains in a wheelchair and has been forced to move back home with her mum while she recovers from the incident. The mum must relearn how to walk.

Left: Tia lying in a hospital bed. Right: Shows a picture of her legs, one in a cast and one in a boot.
Tia-Loketi Harvey says she's been left suffering both mental and physical injuries from the incident. Source: Courier Mail

“You really take your legs for granted,” Ms Harvey said. “Just going to the toilet or getting up during the night to get a drink is challenging.”

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said an investigation continues and anyone with information should come forward. The police spokeswoman said no charges had been laid in relation to the incident.

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