Aussie ute driver accused of 'lowlife' parking act: 'Disgraceful'

An outraged local caught sight of the sneaky parking act, claiming this isn't the first time its happened.

A Queensland ute driver is under fire after video appeared to show what has been described as a "lowlife" parking act in a building's disabled bay.

One shocked local videoed the situation, showing how someone had tactfully placed what is believed to be a fibre cement board over a disabled parking logo, which is the same colour as the floor. He showed a Nissan 4WD parked in the spot.

"The fact they go to the effort of covering it up shows its a dog act," the Brisbane man said on a Facebook page used to shame bad behaviour in disabled bays. "This building has a physical medical clinic in it which I know treats disability patients."

A photo of the car parked in a disabled parking spot in Brisbane, with the logo covered with a fibre board. Another photo of the parked car, with the disability logo now exposed.
A Queensland building certification company is copping slack for covering up a disabled parking logo to park their vehicle there. Source: Facebook/Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame

The vehicle filmed has the markings of a local building certification company, with the business copping criticism over the driver's alleged stunt. It is unclear who has placed the board over the logo.

This isn't the first time such an act has been performed, the local claims.

"I've moved it before and they put it back... Also seen a bloke park his car there and moved it over the disabled logo so no blue was showing, didn't have my phone that time sadly," he said in one of the comments.

"This company owns the building," he claimed. "Also being a building certification company that's what makes this worse."

'That is the lowest of the low'

The post generated lots of outrage, with many commenting their thoughts on the "disgraceful" act.

"OMG! People are getting more and more desperate. Glad that video evidence was obtained as that is the lowest of the low," one person commented.

"What lowlife brings fibro board to cover the disability access logo," another said.

"Wow, that's really shameful. Schmucks like that need to be held accountable," a third person said.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to the company advertised on the side of the vehicle for comment.

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