Aussie mum slammed over one-year-old's McDonald's birthday party: 'Bad parent'

An Aussie mum has defended throwing her daughter an extravagant McDonald's-themed first birthday party after some critics labelled her a "bad parent".

Maggie, 35, from Melton, Victoria shared a video on TikTok last month showing the smorgasbord of fries, burgers and drinks from the fast-food chain as well as an authentic McDonald's playground — costing $5000 — which was delivered to their home.

"When we were setting up the party we thought maybe it was a bit too much! But then seeing how happy my daughter was, and all the other kids, it made it all worth it," she told Yahoo News Australia.

Victorian mum Maggie and her partner throw daughter McDonald's first birthday party.
Victorian mum Maggie and her partner threw their daughter a huge McDonald's themed party for her first birthday. Source: Seven News

The parents hosted the party at their home in 2019 for their daughter's first birthday, but recently shared details online. In the comments, some people said it was a "waste of money" and argued, "she won't even remember it".

"Wow, what a bad parent already," one hit out. "It's her 1st birthday chill out a bit," said another.

"She going to forget everything when she gets older," another wrote. "All that just for the kid to not remember," a fourth concurred.

At the time, the parents spotted the playground on eBay and thought it'd be a great addition to their mega backyard celebration, she explained. But now, the McDonald's playground is a permanent fixture in their garden and the almost five-year-old "uses it most days" her mum said in a video.

Reason for mega first birthday party

Hitting back in the comments, the Aussie mum admitted they "went overboard with the party" but said "it was a big milestone". She explained they tried to fall pregnant for "over three years" and experienced "some sad stuff along the way".

"I don't remember any parties my parents threw for me, but the kids all had fun on the day," she said, adding having fun is "all that matters".

"It shouldn't be about if they remember. It should be about giving them the best life you can," she said in a follow-up clip.

Others said it "would have been easier" just to throw the party at Maccas, rather than attempting to imitate it at home. But the mum hit back to say there were over 100 guests, so "probably not" she said.

McDonald's themed birthday party with fries, burgers and playground.
The mum shared a video on TikTok last month where the extravagant party was criticised. Source: TikTok

Mum slammed for 'unhealthy food'

The mum of two was also criticised for the food being unhealthy, she explained to Seven News. She insists the birthday girl didn't eat any of it, but the other guests devoured it.

"It was hurtful to receive nasty comments but I try not to let it bother me as people will complain about absolutely anything these days and are quick to label anyone a bad parent," she told Seven.

"The people who labelled me a ‘bad parent’ didn’t have kids of their own so I just don’t think they understand how big of a milestone a first birthday can be to some people."

The mum told Yahoo News she was also judged for having tattoos. But the remarks "made me laugh," she said.

The "amazing" party idea was praised by many though with some admitting "younger me would have loved this". Some said it was "every child's dream party" and showered the parents with praise.

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