Aussie mum fights off intruders with household item: ‘Lit him on fire’

An intruder fled from a Brisbane home after catching fire when confronted by a brave mum with a can of insect spray.

He was one of three men that crashed through the front and back doors of the Wishart home on Tuesday night when Tiffany Kendon, 21, and her partner were getting to bed at around 9.45pm after putting the children to sleep.

“I’d just put my two kids to bed and was getting ready to have my ice cream, and my partner and I heard this massive bang on our front door,” Ms Kendon told 7 News. Three men reportedly broke in through the front door and back of the house, armed with a terrifying amount of weapons including a knife, baton, gun and taser.

"We had a gun pointed at us and there was a lot of screaming," she said. Then when a man with the taser stepped forward, Ms Kendon leapt into action.

Photo of mother with baby holding insect spray. Another photo of cracked glass on floor of house.
A Brisbane mum armed with insect spray fought off a group of three men who broke into her house while her children were asleep. Source: 7 News/9 News

"He took one step towards my bedroom and I was just like, 'No ... I do not appreciate that, I've got two children in here and you need to get the f**k out of my house'," she said to 9 News.

As she showered the men with Raid insect repellent, one of them activated the taser — creating a chemical reaction that resulted in "about one and a half metres of flames".

"I lit one of the dudes on fire,” the mum said to 7 News. Fearing the flames, the men fled and are still on the run.

Police say none of the victims were physically injured.

Police suspect break-in is linked to earlier crash

Queensland Police believe the home invasion may be linked to a crash they are investigating which happened on Monday night on the same road.

They think the men had lost a handgun in the crash and had come back to look for it on Tuesday night, before breaking into the house of Ms Kendon, her husband and their two roommates to aggressively question them about the gun.

"They were just like give us our f***ing gun back we know you have it, and just things like that," she told 7 News. Police say no one in Ms Kendon's home is linked to the traffic crash which occurred on Newnham Road, near Mount Gravatt Capalaba Road.

The gun has since been found by police in bushes on the road. A police spokesman told Yahoo News Australia that no charges have been laid and investigations are ongoing.

Queensland Police are asking anyone who saw either incident on Monday or Tuesday, or has relevant dashcam or security footage to contact them.

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