Shocking moment thief steals pregnant woman's car from hospital car park

A pregnant woman has released footage of her car being stolen outside a hospital just days after buying it for herself as a birthday present.

Daisy Pedersen was at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland on Tuesday afternoon, when a bewildered visitor caught a young-looking man stealing her car.

"I just bought this car last week!!" she said on TikTok. "Thank you to this angel who saw this happen, filmed it and called the cops for me!!".

One photo of a pregnant woman's car being stolen at a hospital in Auckland, and another photo of the woman herself.
Footage of Daisy Pederson's car being stolen outside Middlemore Hospital in Auckland has been posted on TikTok. Source: TikTok/Instagram

In the video, the man wearing a red hoodie is seen holding some sort of tool while stealing the car, which appears to be similar to his own. Ms Pedersen said on her Instagram that she had been visiting her relative's newborn baby, when the theft of her Toyota Mark X occurred in broad daylight.

“I came back and my car was gone, I was really shocked, it was shocking that it happened during the day,” Ms Pedersen told the New Zealand Herald. They also reported the woman had made the recent purchase of the car for her birthday in time for her baby being born.

To top it off, the rental consultant said on her Instagram her laptop and wallet were in the car, as well as the keys to three properties. She has also revealed her car was not insured. New Zealand Police confirmed a report of the theft was received and inquiries are ongoing.

After walking through the carpark perplexed, she heard a knock on the closed window from where the bystander had recorded. "She saw me looking for my car and explained what happened," Ms Pedersen said on TikTok in the comments.

Woman said response on social media was helpful

The video has had more than one million views, with many people shocked by the brazen theft.

"I wish I could’ve done more though!" said the woman who filmed the theft. "I hope you find it my friend! So sorry this happened to you," another said.

"I've had my car broken into there, sucks!" a third person said. "And when I went to go see security about it, the camera that would have caught it was aimed at the wall".

The property manager had apparently not seen the shameless theft, according to NZ Herald, and while police are investigating, Ms Pedersen said people on social media have been helpful. “I put it out because I knew social media would work a lot faster (than a police investigation),” she said to the publication.

The video on social media had led to one person sending a video to the woman, showing what looks like her car skidding down a road in Mount Roskill, the New Zealand Herald reported.

However her and her husband have sadly not found it yet, and have had their locks changed.

The car was also not insured and Ms Pedersen said to NZ Herald she can't afford a new one. She posted the registration number of her car — KGH725 — on Instagram, for people to help her find it.

Police find woman's car, laptop gone

A New Zealand spokeswoman told Yahoo News Australia that the car has since been found.

"Police can confirm that we have now located the vehicle stolen from a carpark at Middlemore Hospital earlier this week," they said. "The incident occurred on Tuesday, 1 November, and reported to Police just before 4pm that day."

"The stolen vehicle was recovered yesterday (Wednesday) on Oakdale Road in Mount Roskill. Police continue to make enquiries into the matter."

Ms Pedersen also posted on her Instastory saying the car was found partially damaged and that her laptop and wallet were sadly gone.

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