The Aussie McDonald's so slow people 'refuse' to go there: 'Enough is enough'

Furious locals have begged someone in McDonald's to put a stop to the poor service that has left some customers waiting 45 minutes for their food.

Furious residents living near a notoriously "slow" McDonald's say they're so fed-up with the "ridiculous" service they're now "refusing to go there" — with people begging upper management to "put a stop to this".

While Macca's is synonymous with the term "fast-food", according to residents at Ballina, in NSW's Northern Rivers, their local McDonald's on Bangalow Rd is anything but "fast".

In fact, hundreds have now unleashed their fury over the "frustrating" situation that's taken over the restaurant, with people blaming management for failing to step in and help the largely teenage-based staff rotation, who locals say aren't unable to adequately manage the demand.

Macca's branch slammed by hungry locals

Ballina residents wrote online that the Macca's joint regularly takes between 35 to 45 minutes to process simple orders, with people claiming the young staffing cohort are now even facing verbal abuse, saying "enough is enough".

The exterior of Ballina Central McDonald's..
Furious locals say they're boycotting the Ballina Central Macca's due to the slow service. Source: TripAdvisor.

“Ballina Central McDonald’s waiting time was 35 mins again today. Poor staff are under the pump and getting abused. Where’s management? They need to step in and help,” a person wrote on social media.

“It’s been like that for months now. I refuse to go there as when I have it’s taken 45 mins – ridiculous," a second said, pointing to the fact the slow service “was not the poor kids’ fault”.

Staff allegedly cop verbal abuse

"Someone needs to put a stop to this. Enough is enough Ballina McDonald’s," said one man.

Concerns have now been raised over the notable absence of management, with many also worried for the welfare of staff. “The owners need to step up and sort this out! The staff/kids are getting flogged, it’s not fair," a woman said.

“Poor buggers are hugely understaffed and massively under the pump. It’s frustrating but don’t take it out on the guys behind the window, they’re doing their best," a man wrote.

Others said they had "asked for management several times" for an explanation over the state of the venue, but "not once have they been there".

One man was so fed up of the wait times and poor management he told staff to "McF***k off". Another said in addition to the lack of professionalism, the venue was also "filthy".

“All bins overflowing, tables filthy, floor filthy, receipts sprayed across the counter. Is there just not enough staff? It’s not fair on them at all," a man said.

Macca's hits back

A McDonald’s Australia spokesperson said the Ballina Central restaurant along with the one at the BP Ballina Travel Centre, had been taken over by a new franchisee in September, 2023.

“Customer feedback is extremely important as it helps us provide the best possible service to our community,” the spokesperson told News Local.

“We are working to address this feedback as a priority through hiring more people and training our staff on McDonald’s high standards of customer service and cleanliness. While we will always do our best for our customers, we do not tolerate anti-social behaviour and expect our people to be treated with respect.

“We are committed to providing our customers with a great experience and our team is working hard to make sure we’re meeting the high standards we set for ourselves.”

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