McDonald's responds after customers rage at subtle menu change

Eagle-eyed diners have spotted a difference at Macca's.

McDonald's customers have been left with a sour taste in their mouths after the fast food giant swapped out a breakfast staple for a stand-in product, but there's an explanation for the change.

"McDonald's no longer selling orange juice, but selling orange cordial instead for the same price of $5.15 for a small," one disgruntled diner wrote on social media.

In a Reddit post, the customer shared a screenshot of a Macca's delivery menu, which showed that orange juice wasn't available but orange fruit "drink" was on offer instead.

McDonald's drinks menu; McDonald's restaurant playground
A McDonald's customer slammed the fast food chain for switching orange juice with 'cordial'. Source: Reddit, Getty

McDonald's explains change

McDonald's has revealed to Yahoo News Australia that the change has been rolled out nationwide, but says it isn't permanent. "We have experienced some delays in our regular supply of orange juice and are temporarily switching to an equally refreshing alternative to ensure customers can still enjoy choice in our menu," a spokesperson said.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and thank customers for their patience, while we work to get our regular orange juice back on the menu as soon as possible."

'Tastes awful'

The switch hasn't gone down well with Aussie customers, who were disappointed they weren't made aware that orange fruit drink would be substituted for juice. "My six-year-old has suddenly started not liking her orange juice from Macca's recently, this would explain it," one parent wrote on the Reddit thread.

"I asked for OJ and got this, I was mad," another customer said. "That would explain why it tastes so awful now," someone else commented, while others slammed the taste as "rank" and like "orange coloured water".

Macca's prices under the microscope

Others expressed shock at the cost of beverages at McDonald's. "My only question is who the f**k is paying that much for a tiny juice/drink in this economy?" one user asked, while someone else pointed out that three litres of Nudie orange juice is currently $11 at Woolworths, making it a much cheaper option.

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