Aussie man cops $1300 act of vandalism in 'frustrating' case of mistaken identity

The Wollongong man has been left empty-handed in his attempts to identity the offender and the intended victim.

As the weekend started for one Wollongong man last Friday, the last thing he expected was a personalised message to be scratched into the bonnet of his car. Better yet — it wasn't even for him.

Kirk approached his blue Subaru parked in the centre of the city when he noticed some new additions to his car's paint job. With extensive scratches marked along the length of his car, one feature was the crown jewel in the offender's angry act. It read: "F*ck you Simon".

"I'm not quite sure how to feel, one part of me is super frustrated," Kirk told Yahoo News Australia.

"But the other part is very intrigued to know the context around whoever did this and why. What has Simon done?" he wondered.

Left, Kirk can be seen smiling to the camera wearing a navy t-shirt. Right, the scratches which read 'F*ck you Simon' can be seen on Kirk's car, which cost him $1300 in vandalism repairs
Kirk has been forced to pay $1300 in vandalism repairs for his Subaru despite the attacker apparently damaging the wrong car. Source: Supplied

Hefty price for innocent man

Kirk said the damage inflicted to his car is set to cost him $1,300 in repairs, and despite notifying the police, they are no closer to finding the culprit without CCTV footage or eye witnesses.

"Unless we hear from a blue Subaru driving Simon who resides close by? It's probably going to be hard," he said.

Despite the huge inconvenience, Kirk admits he is somewhat "amused" by the incident and shared pictures of the damage online in a tongue-in-cheek appeal for more information, which attracted plenty of commentary online.

"Simon has certainly been a naughty boy," one person joked. "Your post was funny — the damage is not. I hope you find the person responsible and they help fix it," another commented.

Kirk continued by saying he appreciated the support but hoped the exposure would offer more clarity over why his car was targeted.

"It would be great if someone had proper information that could lead to something more concrete," he said.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to NSW Police for further information.

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