Aussie driver makes ‘horrific’ find in car boot: ‘Very rude shock’

A Melbourne man got the fright of his life when he opened his car boot on Saturday morning to find a "horrific sight" hiding in the crevice.

In a photo on Reddit captioned “should I just torch the car?”, a huge huntsman spider can be seen nestled at the rear of his vehicle.

In worse news, four of its legs were wrapped around a gigantic white egg sac.

“The egg sac was the icing on the grossness cake,” Jared from Carrum Downs told Yahoo News Australia, adding that it had been a “good while” since he’d last opened the boot.

"It was a very rude shock."

The huntsman spider with its egg sac in the boot of a vehicle (left) and a close up (right).
Jared from Carrum Downs in Melbourne says he got a 'very rude shock' when he opened his boot to find a huntsman spider and her egg sac. Source: reddit

'That's her car now'

The image has subsequently gone viral online, racking up more than 2,800 reactions and almost 600 comments.

Among them, many readily suggested that the owner accept defeat.

“Give her the keys and cut your losses mate,” one person wrote. “That’s her car now.”

“Call your insurance company,” another added. “The car is a write off.”

Others agreed with Jared that he needed to set the vehicle alight.

“Yes, torch the car,” someone said, “then push it off a cliff.”

However another warned that “that would be illegal” because “possession is 9/10ths the law.”

“Sorry, find a new ride,” they added.

One reddit user even asked whether RACV roadside assist would remove the huntsman.

But plenty of others urged the poster to save the spider and its growing brood.

“Just get a bit of cardboard and lift it out and put it in the garden,” someone suggested.

“They don’t bite so just move her and her eggs,” another said.

Baby huntsman spiders and their egg sac.
A female huntsman can lay up to 200 eggs. Source: YouTube

'An annihilation mission'

Unfortunately it was too much for Jared and his phobia.

"Seeing the egg sac tipped me over the edge and it became an annihilation mission," he said.

"Can you imagine potentially hundreds of huntsmans crawling throughout your car?!"

Continuing, he cautiously warned that the "the outcome will likely upset the spider lovers".

“But I grabbed the can of Mortein and went to town then promptly squashed the egg sac," he said.

Standing by his decision, the Melburnian insisted it was for the good of all.

“I’ve viewed it as saving the neighbourhood from 200+1 huntsmans,” he said.

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