Brit's giant spider video mocked by Aussies: 'Ha – that's a baby'

A British man took to TikTok to share his shock after finding a "massive" spider in his house, but Aussies simply couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

"Laughs in Australian," one person said.

"Come across the pond to down under mate, haha that’s a baby!" another chimed in.

Two images from a UK man's TikTok of him discovering a spider in his home. Source: TikTok/alphameridius
A UK man posted a TikTok of him discovering a spider in his home. Source: TikTok/alphameridius

The Manchester resident noticed the spider poking out from a gap under the skirting board on his floor near the door to his backyard.

He enticed it out and was amazed at the size of the giant house spider.

"Wow look how big that f***er is," he said.

His Tiktok video received 5.1 million views from people who looked on with fascination or just morbid curiosity.

One viewer confessed they "fully screamed when the legs stuck out".

"It better be paying bills, cost of living crisis and all that," another said.

Someone even (jokingly) suggested to "call the police".

Giant spider identified

Australian arachnologist, Joseph Schubert from the Melbourne Museum, identified the spider as an Eratigena, also known as the 'giant house spider'.

People will be happy to know they are normally harmless to humans, preferring to keep to themselves and seek shelter, like the one in the video. Eratigena spiders are commonly found in the UK and wider Europe all year around.

To lure the spider out, the man moved the web around with what looked like a wooden toothpick, and not long after, several legs were seen to edge out, followed by a pair of shiny eyes.

Despite being brave enough to have his fingers only centimetres away from the creepy crawly, the man was clearly shocked at his finding, referring to the spider as a "monster in the house".

"That's evil," he said.

Spider compared to those found in Australia

Many online observers compared the creature to ones that could be found Down Under.

"When did the UK turn into Australia, we're meant to have little skinny spiders, not demons from hell," one person said.

"So now Manchester is added to the list of places I will never visit along side Australia," another joked.

"I thought Australia was scary."

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