People stumped by man's 'weird' find in NSW garden: 'Freak accident'

An unusual find in an Aussie backyard has stumped the masses with many comparing it to something "out of Stranger Things".

A man from Albury, NSW dug up "this weird thing" while planting in his garden, and asked Facebook what it could be.

"The pink bit is a worm, and the bubble is probably a mollusc of some sort," he wrote on Monday.

"I presume it was eating the worm and not the other way around. Slimy and gluggy like a snail."

Unusual discovery in NSW backyard
The NSW man shared his strange discovery on Facebook and others were stumped. Source: facebook

Photos show what looks like a pink earthworm attached to another creature which many say is a slug.

But how the two became attached is what's blowing the minds of some.

"It's really difficult to see who's eating who," one pointed out.

"I am equally disturbed and mesmerised," said another.

Others used words including "freaky", "horrifying" and "yuk" to describe the scene in the image, while others found it "fascinating".

Possible explanations arise

Some people in the comments shared their views on what they thought was going on.

"Looks to be an earthworm given the clitellum that's visible, unsure what the rounded mass would be though," one suggested.

Others said it looks like an earthworm "making a cocoon full of eggs," detailing a stage in the invertebrate's life cycle.

But some disagreed to say worm eggs "look different" with the consensus landing firmly on the "slimy bulge" being a type of slug.

The backyard find is most likely an earthworm (pictured) that has been caught up with a slug or other kind of mollusc

Professor Culum Brown, from Macquarie University's School of Natural Sciences, agrees saying, "worms don't do that" and that baby worms are smaller.

While he can't be sure, Professor Brown told Yahoo News Australia that it "looks like a slug has curled up and accidentally caught a worm as it did so."

"I doubt there is anything predatory about this interaction, just a freak accident," he said.

It's hard to know exactly what type of slug it is he said, but he agreed with the masses and said it certainly is "weird."

Another person guessed on Facebook that it's "possibly a slug that has retracted because it was disturbed" and took the worm with it.

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