Aussie city bracing for hottest Christmas Day EVER

Only some Australians will receive the gift of good weather this Christmas, but one capital city could swelter through record-breaking temperatures.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) released its forecast for the week of Christmas over the weekend, with some parts of Australia expected to have warm weather on December 25.

"We know Australians eagerly await our Christmas Day forecast," Meteorologist Jackson Browne said in a release.

"Should Christmas lunch be inside or outside, will the surf be safe for a swim, will it be wet on the roads; these are just some of the questions we help you answer each year."

In order to know what you should be planning for this Christmas, here are the forecasts for the major cities in Australia.

One capital city might break aChristmas temperature record this year. Source: Windy
One capital city might break aChristmas temperature record this year. Source: Windy

Potential recording breaking Christmas for Perth

The BOM initially said Perth would have a hot and sunny Christmas Day, with a top of 34.

However, the Bureau updated the forecast, projecting a top of 42C and a chance to break the record for the hottest Christmas Day in over 50 years.

The Bureau said the hottest Christmas on record was 42C in 1968 and there is a chance that record could be broken this year.

People start to leave Scarborough beach on January 31, 2021.
Perth could reach a top of 42C this Christmas Day. Source: AAP

"Severe to extreme heat wave conditions are expected to develop across southern and central parts of WA towards the end of the week and into the weekend," BoM senior meteorologist Sarah Scully told Yahoo News Australia on Tuesday.

"It'll be the second year in a row where Christmas Day has been above 40 degrees. Last year, it got to 40.2 degrees."

The hottest December day Perth has had was Boxing Day in 2007, when it reached 44.2C.

Boxing Day this year is expected to also be "very hot and sunny", with a top of 41C in Western Australia's capital.

Sunny, with a slight chance of rain for Sydney

Sydney can expect a break from rain on Christmas Day, with the weather clearing up and making for a perfect day to be outside.

While the Bureau has forecast rain from Wednesday through til Christmas Eve, December 25 is expected to be partly cloudy, with a medium chance of rain and a top of 29C.

"Showers and storms are forecast along the coast of Australia on Christmas Day, but the hit-and-miss nature of thunderstorms makes it difficult to forecast exactly where the thunderstorms are going to form," Ms Scully said, adding the showers in central Sydney could be later in the day on Christmas.

However there's a high chance of rain in Sydney on Boxing Day, with a top of 26C.

Beachgoers spend Christmas Day on Bondi Beach, in Sydney, Sunday, Dec. 25, 2016.
Sydney can expect a top of 29C on Christmas Day this year. Source: AAP

Cooler Christmas than expected for Melbourne

Melbourne was initially forecast to be warm and sunny this Christmas, however the BoM now says it's going to have a top of 21C.

"There's been a fairly large change with the speed of a cold front," Ms Scully explained.

"So unfortunately, the maximum temperature in Melbourne is now forecast to be just 21 degrees and partly cloudy."

The temperature is expected to be the same on Boxing Day in Victoria.

Potential showers for Brisbane, Hobart

While the temperature in Brisbane will hover around 30C in the lead up to Christmas, there will be a slight drop in temperature on Christmas Day.

The BoM expects it to be a top of 28C on Christmas Day, with Ms Scully warning there's a chance of showers or a thunderstorm in the late morning or afternoon.

The temperature will then go backup to 30C on boxing Day, with a medium chance of showers.

Hobart will have a top of 21C on Christmas Day and it's expected to be partly cloudy with a 20 per cent chance of rain in the morning.

Come Boxing Day, there's only a 10 per cent chance of rain in Hobart, but it's only expected to reach a top of 20C.

Hobart can expect partly cloudy conditions on Christmas Day. Source: Getty Images, file
Hobart can expect partly cloudy conditions on Christmas Day. Source: Getty Images, file

No rain in Adelaide for Christmas, storms in Darwin

While it might be cloudy on Christmas Day in Adelaide, there is no rain forecast.

The Bureau is expecting temperatures to reach a top of 29C, with winds slightly increasing later in the day to 20 to 30 km/h.

Adelaide can expect a mostly sunny Boxing Day, with a top of 27C.

Up north in Darwin, residents are in for a top of 33C on Christmas Day along with rain and a chance of a storm.

There could be anywhere between 2 to 20mm of rainfall on Christmas Day amid the forecasted partly cloudy conditions.

Boxing Day could also bring showers and a potential storm.

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