Dramatic audio of Cleo Smith's rescue released: 'M-my name is Cleo'

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Western Australia Police have released audio of the moment they found and identified Cleo Smith inside a locked house in Carnarvon.

Cleo, 4, was found in the early hours of Wednesday morning after she went missing from a campsite on October 16.

Incredibly, she is now back in the arms of her parents. A 36-year-old man is assisting police with enquiries but has not been charged.

In the audio, four police officers, including Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine are heard speaking with Cleo.

Cleo Smith, 4, is pictured being rescued.
Cleo Smith, 4, is taken out of the house where she was allegedly held captive. Source: WA Police

“We’ve got her. We’ve got her,” a male officer says.

Another officer gently greets her so as not to frighten little Cleo.

“Hey bubby,” the officer says.

“Come here. Come here. I’ve got you, bubby.”

Another officer asks to bring the camera in. They are presumably referring to police body cams.

“What’s your name?” Det Sgt Blaine asks.

The other officer tries to comfort her telling her: “You’re alright”.

Det Sgt Blaine asks her two more times for her name. He wants to be sure the police have the girl everyone has been searching for.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he says.

Finally, she nervously stammers and answers, giving the four words he wants to hear.

“M-my name is Cleo,” she says.

Det Sgt Blaine replies, “your name is Cleo”.

“You’re alright, Cleo,” the other officer says.

Another officer chimes in and says: “Hello Cleo”.

Bodycam from outside the home later shows Cleo in the arms of a police officer who she hugs tightly. Det Sgt Blaine tells her she’s going home “to see mummy and daddy” and Cleo nods.

The audio and bodycam are the end product of the phenomenal police work conducted to find Cleo.

A motive for why she was taken is yet to be established but charges could be laid within hours.

Cleo Smith, 4, is pictured.
Cleo is said to be doing well after her ordeal. Source: Nine News

'Delightful' Cleo back with her parents

Outside the police investigation, officers said Cleo is doing well. The little girl was pictured in hospital after she was rescued smiling and enjoying an ice block.

WA Premier Mark McGowan visited her on Wednesday and described the little girl as “delightful”.

It’s an amazing ending to an amazing story. Such is the magnitude of Cleo’s disappearance, and the surprise outcome of her safety, it made headlines around the world.

It didn’t get lost on the parents of another missing girl too: Madeleine McCann’s mum and dad who reportedly said if Cleo can be found maybe all hope of them finding their little girl isn’t lost either.

But missing persons cases don’t always have happy endings with laughter, police applause and heartwarming family reunions. In Australia, about 2,600 long term missing people have loved ones who are still searching for closure, according to the Australian Federal Police.

Madeleine McCann is pictured.
Madeleine McCann's parents are hopeful their daughter will be found after police managed to rescue Cleo. Source: AAP

Police were so relieved and pleased with the outcome on Wednesday, many were brought to tears just knowing she was OK and back with her loving parents.

Det Sgt Blaine, a homicide detective who has witnessed and investigated his fair share of tragedies, was smiling ear to ear as he faced the cameras on Wednesday.

"She's a very sweet, energetic girl," Det Sgt Blaine said.

"We all wanted to take turns in holding her."

He said it was “an honour” to reunite Cleo with her family.

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