'Are you OK?': Amazing moment police rescue Cleo Smith

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Video has been released showing the moment missing Cleo Smith was rescued by police officers in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

WA Police found the four-year-old in a home in Carnarvon on Wednesday just before 1am (local time).

Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine was one of four officers on the scene who came to the aid of the four year old after she had been missing for 18 days from a Blowholes campsite.

In body cam vision shared by police, Cleo is seen being held and comforted by a police officer. She has her arms wrapped around him. Other officers are on the scene with a fence behind them shrouded in darkness.

Cleo Smith, 4, is pictured being rescued.
Cleo Smith, 4, seen being rescued after she was found locked in a house. Source: WA Police

Det Sgt Blaine speaks with her calmly.

“My name's Cameron. How are you doing?” he asks her.

“Good,” she says.

“Are you OK?”

Cleo nods.

“We’re going to take you to see your mummy and daddy,” the detective tells her.

Cleo nods again.

“Is that good?” he says.

Cleo Smith, 4, is pictured.
Cleo was missing for more than two weeks. Source: ABC News

Police in tears after Cleo saved

Police spoke of their elation in finding Cleo alive in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Det Sgt Blaine told reporters he had to be sure the girl was Cleo and asked her three times what her name was.

Elated on finally finding the little girl, he said everyone wanted to take turns in holding her.

Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde said police were in tears after finding her.

"We all cried," he said.

"It was an amazing moment."

Cleo was pictured smiling in hospital enjoying an ice block on Wednesday after she was rescued.

Cleo's survival is certainly against the odds. An expert went as far as to say Cleo being found alive is a "one in a million event".

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