'You should be ashamed': Man receives 'death threats' after using baby shark as bong

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: The moderator of a popular fishing Facebook page has defended a video showing the body of a dead shark being used as a bong.

Vision shared to Fried Fishing Australia shows the man putting his lips to part of the modified shark corpse as he lights the other end and inhales, while the “Baby Shark” kids song plays in the background.

It took just minutes for a scathing thread of comments to emerge.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Nothing cool about this video mate,” one of several hundred negative comments read.

“You look cruel and misinformed.”

The man can be seen using the modified shark as a bong. Source: Facebook/Fried Fishing

“This is absolutely pathetic! Anyone who thinks that this is funny is an absolute moron! What you did to this poor shark is completely deranged,” another stated.

On the back of the immediate and furious social media outcry, Fried Fishing defended the vision, insisting that the shark was dead and that it was only tobacco being smoked.

“Lets clear some air up on this… the shark was caught by my mate fishing when we were fishing for mangrove jacks on Friday,” the page claimed.

“After two nights left in the ice box i came up with the idea.”

Yahoo7 News has contacted the RSPCA and NSW Fisheries for comment.

Stepping away from Facebook page after ‘death threats’

The man behind the page said he is now stepping away after he has received death threats. Source: Facebook/Fried Fishing

On Monday, the moderator of the page announced he would be stepping away from the page that has some 24,000 followers.

“I never thought id have to do this but today has become too much 4 admins run this page and all of us have spent our whole day filtering removing and coping abusive messages as far as to death threats,” the post read.

“I started friedfishing sitting around a fire drinking beers doing dumb stuff and we thought we would start filming it and it grew into a place where like minded people had a laugh and enjoyed it.

“But due to todays recent events i have to walk away from social media my mental health is way more important. Thanks for the laughs guys”.

The same fisherman last month pulled out five sharks 100 metres from where children were swimming. Source: 7 News
He said he found he found a large dolphin, stingrays and baby sharks inside their stomachs. Source: 7 News

Just last month, the same fisherman made headlines when he caught five bull sharks in a popular camping spot on the NSW Mid North Coast.

The giant sharks were pulled out of the Macleay River, within 100 metres of swimmers.

“I’ve seen some monsters at sea, but never in the river,” he said at the time.

But he was just as stunned by what he found inside the sharks’ stomachs: a large dolphin, stingrays and baby sharks.

Read the full story here.

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