Anthony Albanese's bizarre job offer from US rapper Fatman Scoop: 'It'll be cool'

Anthony Albanese has agreed to take on a surprising new job – as a DJ at an upcoming music event.

The gig was offered by American rapper Fatman Scoop who ambushed the PM during an interview on Brisbane radio on Thursday.

Mr Albanese joined B105 show hosts Stav, Abby and Matt for a chat on breakfast radio before the popular rapper surprised him on air.

The bizarre exchange led to the PM reluctantly agreeing to perform at an event in November where he'll showcase his music-making skills.

Anthony Albanese was ambushed by rapper Fatman Scoop while speaking on breakfast radio on Thursday. Source: B105breakfast
Anthony Albanese was ambushed by rapper Fatman Scoop while speaking on breakfast radio on Thursday. Source: B105breakfast

"Listen, I know you DJ," the rapper told the Prime Minister over the phone.

"Now, you have millions of constituents that want to see you. I need you to come down and here's what we're going to do: you're going to DJ while I perform. Can you do that, sir?"

"Yeah, where are we going to do that?" Mr Albanese replied, before the radio hosts locked in a time and place.

"All you got to do is put on a cool shirt, take a shower, bring your laptop. I'm gonna show you exactly what to do," the popular rapper said.

"That sounds pretty good," Mr Albanese responded, but admitted "I don't know what I'm doing on the 11th of November."

Albanese 'one of two' PMs that DJ

The Aussie leader is quite the fan of DJing and while visiting Brisbane during the election campaign he DJ’d at a club in the city.

The PM noted that he was one of two prime ministers worldwide that DJ, with the other being New Zealand's Jacinda Arden, he said.

Mr Albanese said he will "talk to my people" to put plans in place. He admitted "it'll be cool" if he could perform at Fatman Scoop's Aussie show.

Before ending the call, Fatman Scoop called on listeners to attend.

"Listen everybody, I want you to be there," he said.

"Fridays Live is going to be huge and it's even going to be bigger because now we have the Prime Minister of the entire country coming to Fridays Live. You are doing this, sir."

ScoMo's awkward exchange with rapper

Mr Albanese is the second Australian prime minister the US rapper has dealt with. Scott Morrison had his own moment in 2018.

Mr Morrison posted a video of Question Time on social media which had been edited to play Fatman Scoop's song "Be Faithfull'.

But it wasn't on Twitter for long before the then-PM deleted it after he was hit by a wave of online backlash because of the explicit language.

"I have a pattern of dealing with Prime Ministers in this country," the rapper told Mr Albanese during the phone call.

"Who was the first?" the PM asked

"ScoMo, not working out so well. I don't think he's gonna answer my phone calls right now. Doesn't feel like the right time," the rapper joked, referencing the former PM's latest job-related scandal.

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