'Disgrace': Anger over plane passenger's $9 bacon sandwich

Plane food is often disappointing but one budget airline has hit new heights with its inflight meals, taking out the title of “world’s saddest looking sandwich.”

A picture of a bacon sandwich has gone viral on social media as Twitter users ridiculed the lack of filling on the $9 roll.

The sandwich saga started after New York Times best-selling author Liz Nugent shared an image of her friend’s inflight meal on a Ryanair flight.

The photo shows a long, plain bread roll sliced in half and topped with two tiny pieces of bacon.

A budget airline's $9 inflight order has gone viral after being mocked on Twitter as the
A budget airline's $9 inflight order has gone viral after being mocked on Twitter as the "World's saddest looking sandwich." Source: Twitter/lizzienugent

"My pal Aimee paid €5.50 for this 'bacon sandwich',” the Irish crime writer posted.

"I'm trying to figure out if it qualifies," she added, referring to the small amount of meat that barely covers one side of the roll.

€5.50 roughly equates to A$9.

Furious comments flood in over lack of filling

The post quickly attracted hundreds of angry comments, with Twitter users slamming the meal as “a disgrace”, “dreadful” and “terrible.”

“This has caused outrage in our house,” posted one person.

Another said: “That miserable excuse for a bacon sandwich gives flying pigs a bad name,”

One Twitter user even went as far to dub it the “world's saddest looking sandwich.”

Others were more light-hearted in their mocking of the sandwich, with one person claiming it almost qualified as a “vegetarian” sandwich.

"It's a bread sandwich with a dash of bacon,” another joked.

Some defended the airline, explaining inflight meals are outsourced to catering companies.

"Did your pal actually give direct feedback to the catering company instead of having a go at an airline business that gets us off this gawd forsaken island at affordable prices?" said one person.

Despite the flurry of online hate, the customer who bought the sandwich admitted she didn’t even send it back because she was “starving.”

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