Woolworths shopper unimpressed by ‘laughable’ sandwich

While a fresh Woolworths sandwich raised no questions as it sat neatly on a shelf in its cardboard box, all was not as it seemed when a shopper took a closer look.

The seeded gluten-free sandwich, filled with egg and lettuce, was purchased from the Southern Cross Station Woolworths in Melbourne on Friday.

When the customer broke open its box however, the sandwich was revealed to be a comical miniature-sized version of its non gluten-free counterparts.

A Woolworths store.
A Woolworths shopper was left unimpressed after picking up a sandwich for lunch. Source: Getty Images

Taking to social media following her underwhelming experience, the customer pointed out the "laughable" size.

"Hey Woolworths, us gluten-free folks have appetites too," she wrote to the supermarket's Facebook page.

She explained how she was in a rush and didn't have time to closely inspect the sandwich before buying it.

"I couldn't stop laughing when I opened it at lunchtime," she wrote.

"It's tiny! For the price I paid it's just laughable."

Adding balance to her account, the shopper confirmed that while the sandwich was unfulfilling, it "was tasty though".

Woolworths' gluten free egg and lettuce sandwich.
This sandwich was described 'laughable' due to its bizarre small size. Source: Facebook

A Woolworths employee responded with an apology and a promise to pass on the woman's concern to the retailer's relevant teams.

"Please know your feedback has been shared with our team for their awareness," part of their response read.

The sandwich costs $7, which has also previously raised eyebrows among shoppers.

"I think $7 is way too expensive for this product. I would not purchase it! The flavour was quite bland, but I did like how peppery the egg was," a review from 2019 read.

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