Amazing moment captures 'great Aussie spirit' after drivers blocked in national park

A group of drivers jumped into action to help clear the road and were praised for their efforts.

Australians are known for many things with our spirit and mateship among them. And that "true Aussie spirit" was on full display this week when several drivers came to a halt on a long and windy regional road.

A driver's dashcam footage captured the "amazing" moment unfold on Wednesday afternoon after a fallen tree blocked drivers travelling along Jamberoo Mountain Road — a 3.1km road connecting Kiama to the Southern Highlands in NSW.

With there being only one lane in each direction and no way to get around, a group of Aussies came together and leapt into action. Robert, whose dashcam captured the footage, told Yahoo News Australia he came around the corner and found the tree lying flat across the road with drivers on the other side jumping out of their cars.

Group of men helping move a fallen tree on Jamberoo Mountain Road in NSW.
Several drivers who were blocked buy a fallen tree helped move it off a road in NSW. Source: Facebook

"I don’t know if they knew each other but one of them must have said 'I can pull it off the road'," he said. "So he brought his car up, he had a snap tow strap, and they started setting it up to pull it off the road."

Group of men safely guiding tree off the road

The footage shows at least five men working to strap the tree, using a 4WD to eventually tow it off the road. One man is seen guiding the vehicle while keeping an eye on the tree trunk while another three stand by to make sure "it's all safe", Robert said.

"The guy doing the driving and the guy doing the hand signals kept checking to make sure everything was as safe as it could be, and I was giving the police a running commentary right up until just before they got the tree off the road," he added

Robert, who spent 40 years working for the NSW fire brigade said his experience meant he "could see that they were doing everything safe" and felt no need to step in. "I just did my bit by reporting the fall to the police and council," he said.

Yahoo News Australia contacted Kiama Council for comment.

Social media blown away by 'great Aussie spirit'

The whole thing was over within five or so minutes with the banked-up cars once again able to pass through. Robert said it really showed "a bit of great Aussie spirit" and others on social media agreed.

Man tying yellow rope to fallen tree blocking Jamberoo Mountain Road while two other men watch.
The men used a cable attached to a vehicle to help guide the tree off the road. Source: Facebook.

"I was there and the camaraderie was amazing," one woman said. "Great Aussie spirit, well done all," praised another.

"Well done everyone that was involved," a third a said. With many others agreeing it was a job well done.

Robert said it's not the first time he's heard of this happening since the road is prone to fallen trees. Last year, Kiama Council closed the road for repairs after it was damaged during torrential rain in July.

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