Virgin airline workers caught in 'wholesome' moment on tarmac at Aussie airport

The two men were completely oblivious to the Aussies watching on.

A couple of airline workers were caught in a sweet moment on the tarmac at Melbourne airport this week with passengers onboard the Virgin plane watching on in delight.

One passenger filmed the two men donning hi-vis standing beneath the plane's wing as they practised their golfing swing, with one of the men appearing to teach the other the correct form.

The video was shared on TikTok on Thursday and quickly garnered thousands of views. The footage shows a man wearing a red bucket hat positioning himself in front of his colleague while holding an imaginary golf club. He swings his arms back a couple of times and pretends to swing the club. Moments later, the other man attempts to do the same.

virgin workers on tramac melb airport
The two men were caught practising their golfing swing on the tarmac at Melbourne airport. Source: TikTok

The blokes go back and forth for at least 30 seconds with the man wearing the hat attempting to correct the other man's form. The sweet moment was branded "heartwarming" and "wholesome" by some who watched the footage. While others thought it was hilarious.

Social media reacts to 'wholesome' tarmac act

"This is heart-warming. Just two guys embracing the scenery not a piece of technology in sight," one posted in the comments of the video. "Why are they so cute sometimes," said another.

"This is so wholesome," a third agreed while a fourth said, "If this is why my bags took so long to drop yesterday...then I'm ok with this".

"They literally passing each other the imaginary golf club," another said.

Last month, two men, who work for the regional airline Rex, were captured cooking up a feast on a portable grill set up on a section of the tarmac. The impressive BBQ display included an office chair and fold-out table set up on the concrete, topped with bread rolls, tomato sauce and a selection of grilled meats — and Aussies couldn't get enough.

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