Aussie airline workers caught in cheeky BBQ stunt on tarmac

The act was filmed by a traveller from the airport window — and Aussies can't get enough.

There's nothing more Australian than a BBQ outdoors, and that certainly was top of mind for two workers at Brisbane airport last week.

The two men, who work for the regional airline Rex, were captured cooking up a feast on a portable grill set up on a section of the tarmac, with the cheeky stunt caught on camera.

Tucked away behind a wall seemingly out of view, the set-up was on full display from an airport window where one woman, Kirra Colquhoun, filmed before posting it on TikTok. The impressive BBQ display included an office chair and fold-out table set up on the concrete, topped with bread rolls, tomato sauce and a selection of grilled meats — and Aussies can't get enough.

Rex airline workers cooking bbq on tarmac at Brisbane airport. One worker flips a sausage with tongs.
The Rex airline workers were filmed cooking a BBQ on the tarmac at Brisbane airport. Source: TikTok

The video has since reached over 1.3 million views, with the scenes being dubbed "the most Aussie thing ever". "Why's the plane delayed?" Kirra captioned the clip sarcastically. But people aren't mad about it.

"I'm here for it," one person wrote in the comments. "That's excellent," another said. Meanwhile, one said it's the "only excuse I'll accept for my flight being delayed".

Airline responds to BBQ stunt

The airline has since released a statement in response to the viral stunt, which Rex understands is of "humorous intent".

"However, the contracted Ground Handling Company who employed the staff involved has been advised of the need to find a suitable location for such events, lest they be misconstrued," a spokesperson said.

"Further, and most importantly, the individuals were on a rostered meal break at the time and no flights were affected as a result, two key facts that were obviously not known by the individual who posted the video with captions attached."

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